Athletic All-Americans
2015Thomas Curtin Cross Country
2016Joao Monteiro Men's Tennis
2014Scott Vincent Men's Golf1st
2011Will Mulherin Cross Country
2012Will Mulherin Cross Country
2012Kaylea Arnett Swimming & DivingHM1 Meter Diving
2012Logan Kline Swimming & Diving1 Meter Diving
2008Mikey McDonald Swimming & DivingHM1 Meter Diving
2009Mikey McDonald Swimming & DivingHM1 Meter Diving
2012Logan Shinholser Swimming & Diving1 Meter Diving
1987Gary Cobb Track & FieldIndoor1,000-Meters
1987Gary Cobb Track & FieldOutdoor1,500-Meters
2017Neil Gourley Track & FieldOutdoor1,500-Meters
2004Marlies Overbeeke Track & FieldOutdoor1,500-Meters
2017Vincent Ciattei Track & FieldOutdoor1,500-Meters (2nd Team)
2016Neil Gourley Track & FieldOutdoor1,500-Meters (2nd Team)
2011Michael Hammond Track & FieldOutdoor1,500-Meters (2nd Team)
2013Kaylea Arnett Swimming & DivingHM1-Meter Diving
2014Kaylea Arnett Swimming & Diving1-Meter Diving
2013Ryan Hawkins Swimming & DivingHM1-Meter Diving
2014Ryan Hawkins Swimming & DivingHM1-Meter Diving
1984Linda King Track & FieldOutdoor10,000-Meters
1985Linda King Track & FieldOutdoor10,000-Meters
1987Margarita Lasaga Track & FieldOutdoor10,000-Meters
1985Mark Stickley Track & FieldOutdoor10,000-Meters
1987Steve Taylor Track & FieldOutdoor10,000-Meters
1981Judy Williams Track & FieldOutdoor10,000-Meters
1987Tony Williams Track & FieldOutdoor10,000-Meters
2013Zach McGinnis Swimming & DivingHM100 Backstroke
1989Margaret Soulen Swimming & DivingHM100 Backstroke
2007Jessica Botzum Swimming & Diving100 Breaststroke
2008Jessica Botzum Swimming & Diving100 Breaststroke
2005Jessica Botzum Swimming & DivingHM100 Breaststroke
2016Brandon Fiala Swimming & Diving100 Breaststroke
2017Brandon Fiala Swimming & Diving100 Breaststroke
2005Kevin Furlong Swimming & DivingHM100 Breaststroke
2014Weronika Paluszek Swimming & DivingHM100 Breaststroke
2013Gregory Mahon Swimming & DivingHM100 Butterfly
2012Heather Savage Swimming & Diving100 Butterfly
2013Heather Savage Swimming & Diving100 Butterfly
2007Sara Smith Swimming & Diving100 Freestyle
2012Darrell Wesh Track & FieldOutdoor100-Meters
2007Kristi Castlin Track & FieldOutdoor100m Hurdles
2009Kristi Castlin Track & FieldOutdoor100m Hurdles
2010Kristi Castlin Track & FieldOutdoor100m Hurdles
2007Queen Harrison Track & FieldOutdoor100m Hurdles
2010Queen Harrison Track & FieldOutdoor100m Hurdles
2014Joey Dance Wrestling125 lbs.
2013Jarrod Garnett Wrestling125 lbs.
2017Joey Dance Wrestling125-lb.
1959Brandon Glover Wrestling130 lbs.
2012Devin Carter Wrestling133 lbs.
2014Devin Carter Wrestling141 lbs.
2015Devin Carter Wrestling141 lbs.
2016Solomon Chishko Wrestling141 lbs.
2010Chris Diaz Wrestling141 lbs.
2000Sean Gray Wrestling141 lbs.
2001Sean Gray Wrestling141 lbs.
2006David Hoffman Wrestling141 lbs.
2013Zach Neibert Wrestling141 lbs.
2013Nick Brascetta Wrestling149 lbs.
2017Solomon Chishko Wrestling149-lb.
2012Michael Hammond Track & FieldOutdoor1500-Meters
2015Nick Brascetta Wrestling157 lbs.
2016Nick Brascetta Wrestling157 lbs.
2017Sal Mastriani Wrestling157-lb.
2000Chris Martin Wrestling165 lbs.
2016David McFadden Wrestling165 lbs.
2012Pete Yates Wrestling165 lbs.
2013Pete Yates Wrestling165 lbs.
2009Erika Hajnal Swimming & DivingHM1650 Freestyle
2015Zach Epperly Wrestling174 lbs.
2016Zach Epperly Wrestling174 lbs.
2016Jared Haught Wrestling197 lbs.
2014Chris Penny Wrestling197 lbs.
2017Jared Haught Wrestling197-lb.
1986George Canale Baseball1st1B
1981Franklin Stubbs Baseball1st1B
1982Franklin Stubbs Baseball1st1B
1980Ray McDaniels Track & FieldIndoor2-mile relay
1980Bruce Merritt Track & FieldIndoor2-mile relay
2014Collin Higgins Swimming & DivingHM200 Backstroke
2012Zach McGinnis Swimming & DivingHM200 Backstroke
2016Robert Owen Swimming & DivingHM200 Backstroke
1989Margaret Soulen Swimming & DivingHM200 Backstroke
2005Jessica Botzum Swimming & Diving200 Breaststroke
2007Jessica Botzum Swimming & Diving200 Breaststroke
2008Jessica Botzum Swimming & Diving200 Breaststroke
2006Jessica Botzum Swimming & DivingHM200 Breaststroke
2016Brandon Fiala Swimming & Diving200 Breaststroke
2017Brandon Fiala Swimming & Diving200 Breaststroke
2014Weronika Paluszek Swimming & DivingHM200 Breaststroke
2015Weronika Paluszek Swimming & Diving200 Breaststroke
2016Weronika Paluszek Swimming & DivingHM200 Breaststroke
2004Gus Calado Swimming & DivingHM200 Butterfly
2006Gus Calado Swimming & Diving200 Butterfly
2012Gregory Mahon Swimming & DivingHM200 Butterfly
2015Klaudia Nazieblo Swimming & DivingHM200 Butterfly
2016Klaudia Nazieblo Swimming & Diving200 Butterfly
2010Katarina Filova Swimming & Diving200 Freestyle
2013Joe Bonk Swimming & DivingHM200 Freestyle Relay
2013Emmett Dignan Swimming & DivingHM200 Freestyle Relay
2013Gregory Mahon Swimming & DivingHM200 Freestyle Relay
2013Zach McGinnis Swimming & DivingHM200 Freestyle Relay
2016Brandon Fiala Swimming & Diving200 Individual Medley
2013Joe Bonk Swimming & DivingHM200 Medley Relay
2008Jessica Botzum Swimming & DivingHM200 Medley Relay
2013Nathan Hoisington Swimming & DivingHM200 Medley Relay
2013Gregory Mahon Swimming & DivingHM200 Medley Relay
2013Zach McGinnis Swimming & DivingHM200 Medley Relay
2008Jordan McHorney Swimming & DivingHM200 Medley Relay
2008Megan Newell Swimming & DivingHM200 Medley Relay
2008Sara Smith Swimming & DivingHM200 Medley Relay
2007Britni Spruill Track & FieldOutdoor200m Dash
2003Marc Tugwell Baseball2nd2B
2015Kaylea Arnett Swimming & Diving3 Meter Diving
2013Ryan Hawkins Swimming & Diving3 Meter Diving
2012Logan Kline Swimming & DivingHM3 Meter Diving
2009Mikey McDonald Swimming & DivingHM3 Meter Diving
2012Logan Shinholser Swimming & Diving3 Meter Diving
2013Will Mulherin Track & FieldIndoor3,000 Meters
2017Sarah Edwards Track & FieldOutdoor3,000 Steeple (2nd Team)
2015Thomas Curtin Track & FieldIndoor3,000-Meters
1982Lori McKee Taylor Track & FieldOutdoor3,000-Meters
2001Kristin Price Track & FieldIndoor3,000-Meters
2014Kaylea Arnett Swimming & DivingHM3-Meter Diving
2014Ryan Hawkins Swimming & DivingHM3-Meter Diving
2013Logan Kline Swimming & DivingHM3-Meter Diving
1982Jim Stewart Baseball1st3B
2009Steffi Drechsel Swimming & DivingHM400 Freestyle Relay
2009Jordan McHorney Swimming & DivingHM400 Freestyle Relay
2009Megan Newell Swimming & DivingHM400 Freestyle Relay
2009Sara Smith Swimming & DivingHM400 Freestyle Relay
2017Reka Gyorgy Swimming & Diving400 Individual Medley
2010Erika Hajnal Swimming & Diving400 Individual Medley
2016Robert Owen Swimming & DivingHM400 Individual Medley
2017Robert Owen Swimming & Diving400 Individual Medley
2013Joe Bonk Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2008Jessica Botzum Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2015Owen Burns Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2013Emmett Dignan Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2015Brandon Fiala Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2016Maggie Gruber Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2016Jessica Hespeler Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2015Collin Higgins Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2015Morgan Latimer Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2013Gregory Mahon Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2013Zach McGinnis Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2008Jordan McHorney Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2016Klaudia Nazieblo Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2008Megan Newell Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2016Weronika Paluszek Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2008Sara Smith Swimming & DivingHM400 Medley Relay
2008Sherlenia Green Track & FieldOutdoor400m Hurdles
2007Queen Harrison Track & FieldOutdoor400m Hurdles
2010Queen Harrison Track & FieldOutdoor400m Hurdles
2009Asia Washington Track & FieldOutdoor400m Hurdles
2012Jeff Artis-Gray Track & FieldOutdoor4x100 meter relay (2nd team)
2012Jonathan McCants Track & FieldOutdoor4x100 meter relay (2nd team)
2012Keith Ricks Track & FieldOutdoor4x100 meter relay (2nd team)
2012Darrell Wesh Track & FieldOutdoor4x100 meter relay (2nd team)
2015Thomas Curtin Track & FieldIndoor5,000-Meters
2015Thomas Curtin Track & FieldOutdoor5,000-Meters
2016Thomas Curtin Track & FieldIndoor5,000-Meters
2016Thomas Curtin Track & FieldOutdoor5,000-Meters
2008Tasmin Fanning Track & FieldOutdoor5,000-Meters
2010Will Mulherin Track & FieldOutdoor5,000-Meters
2001Kristin Price Track & FieldOutdoor5,000-Meters
2017Peter Seufer Track & FieldOutdoor5,000-Meters (2nd Team)
2007Sara Smith Swimming & DivingHM50 Freestyle
2008Sara Smith Swimming & DivingHM50 Freestyle
2009Sara Smith Swimming & DivingHM50 Freestyle
2012Erika Hajnal Swimming & DivingHM500 Freestyle
1980Kenny Lewis Track & FieldIndoor55m High Hurdles
2013Darrell Wesh Track & FieldIndoor60 Meters
2012Keith Ricks Track & FieldIndoor60 meters (2nd Team)
1978Dennis Scott Track & FieldIndoor60-yard dash
2007Kristi Castlin Track & FieldIndoor60m Hurdles
2008Kristi Castlin Track & FieldIndoor60m Hurdles
2009Kristi Castlin Track & FieldIndoor60m Hurdles
2010Kristi Castlin Track & FieldIndoor60m Hurdles
2008Queen Harrison Track & FieldIndoor60m Hurdles
2010Queen Harrison Track & FieldIndoor60m Hurdles
2006Tom Alberi Swimming & DivingHM800 Freestyle Relay
2006Scott Beard Swimming & DivingHM800 Freestyle Relay
2006Gus Calado Swimming & DivingHM800 Freestyle Relay
2006Zac Czaplicki Swimming & DivingHM800 Freestyle Relay
2010Kelly deMarrais Swimming & DivingHM800 Freestyle Relay
2010Katarina Filova Swimming & DivingHM800 Freestyle Relay
2010Erika Hajnal Swimming & DivingHM800 Freestyle Relay
2010Lauren Ritter Swimming & DivingHM800 Freestyle Relay
2012Frances Dowd Track & FieldIndoor800 meters (2nd Team)
2017Patrick Joseph Track & FieldIndoor800 meters (2nd Team)
2015Hanna Green Track & FieldIndoor800-Meters
2015Hanna Green Track & FieldOutdoor800-Meters
2016Hanna Green Track & FieldIndoor800-Meters
2017Hanna Green Track & FieldIndoor800-Meters
2017Hanna Green Track & FieldOutdoor800-Meters
1980Lucy Hawk Banks Track & FieldOutdoor800-Meters
2017Drew Piazza Track & FieldIndoor800-Meters
2017Drew Piazza Track & FieldOutdoor800-Meters
2014Amanda Smith Track & FieldIndoor800-Meters
2016Patrick Joseph Track & FieldOutdoor800-Meters (2nd Team)
2017Patrick Joseph Track & FieldOutdoor800-Meters (2nd Team)
2015Amanda Smith Track & FieldIndoor800-Meters (2nd Team)
2009Jenna Rhodes Softball3rdAt-Large Outfield
1996Billy Conaty Football1stC
2010Steve Domecus Baseball3rdC
1999Barry Gauch Baseball3rdC
2002Jake Grove Football4thC
2003Jake Grove UFootball1stC
1993Jim Pyne UFootball1stC
1995Jenny Root Women's BasketballHMC
1960Chris Smith Men's BasketballHMC
2006Brandon Flowers Football3rdCB
2013Kyle Fuller Football2ndCB
2014Kendall Fuller Football2ndCB
2008Victor "Macho" Harris Football1stCB
2010Jayron Hosley Football1stCB
1999Anthony Midget Football3rdCB
2001Ronyell Whitaker Football3rdCB
2007Brandon Flowers Football1stDB
2003DeAngelo Hall Football2ndDB
2005Jimmy Williams UFootball1stDB
1981Robert Brown Football2ndDE
1995Cornell Brown CFootball1stDE
1996Cornell Brown Football1stDE
1999John Engelberger Football2ndDE
1966George Foussekis Football2ndDE
1998Corey Moore Football1stDE
1999Corey Moore UFootball1stDE
1980John Dyer Track & FieldOutdoorDecathlon
2016Marek Barta Track & FieldOutdoorDiscus
2017Marek Barta Track & FieldOutdoorDiscus
2005Darryl Tapp Football1stDL
2017Greg Chiles Track & FieldIndoorDMR
2017Kevin Cianfarini Track & FieldIndoorDMR
2017Vincent Ciattei Track & FieldIndoorDMR
2014Martin Dally Track & FieldIndoorDMR
2014Tihut Degfae Track & FieldIndoorDMR
2014Leoule Degfae Track & FieldIndoorDMR
2007Jessica Fanning Track & FieldIndoorDMR
2007Tasmin Fanning Track & FieldIndoorDMR
2007Sherlenia Green Track & FieldIndoorDMR
2017Daniel Jaskowak Track & FieldIndoorDMR
2014Grant Pollock Track & FieldIndoorDMR
2007Asia Washington Track & FieldIndoorDMR
2013Jeff Artis-Gray Track & FieldIndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2015Juan Campos Track & FieldIndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2013Tihut Degfae Track & FieldIndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2015Neil Gourley Track & FieldIndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2013Ryan Hagen Track & FieldIndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2013Michael Hammond Track & FieldIndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2015Prince Owusu Track & FieldIndoorDMR (2nd Team)
2015Grant Pollock Track & FieldIndoorDMR (2nd Team)
1995J.C. Price Football3rdDT
2001David Pugh Football3rdDT
1983Bruce Smith Football1stDT
1984Bruce Smith CFootball1stDT
1958Carroll Dale Football2ndE
1959Carroll Dale Football1stE
1962Bucky Keller Men's BasketballHMF
2007Patrick Nyarko Men's Soccer1stF
1962Howard Pardue Men's BasketballHMF
2013Jazmine Reeves Women's Soccer1stF
1999Tere Williams Women's BasketballHMF
2002Willie Pile Football2ndFS
1990Bimbo Coles Men's BasketballHMG
1986Dell Curry Men's Basketball1stG
2010Malcolm Delaney Men's BasketballHMG
2011Malcolm Delaney Men's BasketballHMG
2007Zabian Dowdell Men's BasketballHMG
2013Erick Green Men's Basketball3rdG
1999Lisa Witherspoon Women's BasketballHMG
2004Bryant Matthews Men's BasketballHMG/F
2006Mohsen Anani Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2005Kristen Callan Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2006Kristen Callan Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2008Kristen Callan Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2009Dorotea Habazin Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2010Dorotea Habazin Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2011Dorotea Habazin Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2003Spyridon Jullien Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2004Spyridon Jullien Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2005Spyridon Jullien Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2006Spyridon Jullien Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
1998Erick Kingston Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2000Erick Kingston Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2013Tomas Kruzliak Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2015Tomas Kruzliak Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2009Marcel Lomnicky Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2010Marcel Lomnicky Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2011Marcel Lomnicky Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2006Matej Muza Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2008Matej Muza Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2008Brittany Pryor Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2009Brittany Pryor Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
1992Mike Sergent Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
1981Paul Sulik Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2017Emma Thor Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2010Alexander Ziegler Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2011Alexander Ziegler Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2012Alexander Ziegler Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw
2016Thomas Kruzliak Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw (2nd Team)
2017Pavla Kuklova Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw (2nd Team)
2011Denis Mahmic Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw (2nd Team)
2013Annjulie Vester Track & FieldOutdoorHammer Throw (2nd Team)
1998Katie Ollendick Track & FieldOutdoorHeptathlon
2006Saskia Triesscheijn Track & FieldOutdoorHeptathlon
2011Ronnie Black Track & FieldOutdoorHigh Jump
2012Ronnie Black Track & FieldOutdoorHigh Jump
2013Ronnie Black Track & FieldIndoorHigh Jump
1998Katie Ollendick Track & FieldIndoorHigh Jump
2012Ronnie Black Track & FieldIndoorHigh Jump (2nd Team)
2013Ronnie Black Track & FieldOutdoorHigh Jump (2nd Team)
2006Mike Faust WrestlingHWT
1994Josh Feldman WrestlingHWT
2015Ty Walz WrestlingHWT
2016Ty Walz WrestlingHWT
2017Ty Walz WrestlingHWT
2002Dee O'Connell Track & FieldOutdoorJavelin
2015Irena Sediva Track & FieldOutdoorJavelin
2017Irena Sediva Track & FieldOutdoorJavelin
2011Matthias Treff Track & FieldOutdoorJavelin
2012Matthias Treff Track & FieldOutdoorJavelin
2016Sabine Kopplin Track & FieldOutdoorJavelin (2nd Team)
2013Matthias Treff Track & FieldOutdoorJavelin (2nd Team)
2007Xavier Adibi Football1stLB
2009Cody Grimm Football3rdLB
1999Jamel Smith Football2ndLB
2000Ben Taylor Football3rdLB
2001Ben Taylor Football2ndLB
1968Mike Widger Football1stLB
1987Trey McCoy Baseball3rdLF
2012Jeff Artis-Gray Track & FieldOutdoorLong Jump
2013Jeff Artis-Gray Track & FieldIndoorLong Jump
2013Jeff Artis-Gray Track & FieldOutdoorLong Jump
2010Cara Baarendse VolleyballHMMB
2011Cara Baarendse VolleyballHMMB
2006Katie Esbrook VolleyballHMMB
2013Victoria Hamsher VolleyballHMMB
2008Felicia Willoughby VolleyballHMMB
2009Felicia Willoughby VolleyballHMMB
2010Felicia Willoughby VolleyballHMMB
2013Kathryn Caine VolleyballHMMB/RS
2000Dawn Will Lacrosse3rdMF
1999Dawn Will LacrosseHMMF
2017Neil Gourley Track & FieldIndoorMile
2011Michael Hammond Track & FieldIndoorMile Run
2009Natalie Sherbak Track & FieldIndoorMile Run
2015Patrick Joseph Track & FieldIndoorMile Run (2nd Team)
2016Shannon Morton Track & FieldIndoorMile Run (2nd Team)
1965Tim Collins Men's Golf3rd
1967Tim Collins Men's Golf2nd
2002Brendon de Jonge Men's Golf2nd
2003Brendon de Jonge Men's Golf2nd
1981Tracy Deely Cross Country
2007Tasmin Fanning Cross Country
2008Tasmin Fanning Cross Country
1982Steve Hetherington Cross Country
1999Aaron Marchetti Men's Tennis
1996Oliver Mayo Men's Tennis
1981Lori McKee Taylor Cross Country
2003Marlies Overbeeke Cross Country
1987Steve Taylor Cross Country
2008Jurrian van der Vaart Men's Golf3rd
2002Johnson Wagner Men's Golf3rd
1989Brian Walter Cross Country
2009Drew Weaver Men's Golf3rd
1987Tony Williams Cross Country
1996Kevin Barker Baseball2ndOF
1997Matt Griswold Baseball3rdOF
2013Tyler Horan Baseball2ndOF
2000Matt Lehr Football2ndOG
1991Eugene Chung Football1stOT
1998Derek Smith Football3rdOT
2003Matt Dalton Baseball1stP
1996Charlie Gillian Baseball3rdP
2008Angela Tincher Softball1stP
1999Larry Bowles Baseball3rdP/1B
2005Saskia Triesscheijn Track & FieldIndoorPentathlon
2006Saskia Triesscheijn Track & FieldIndoorPentathlon
2006Angela Tincher Softball2ndPitcher
2007Angela Tincher Softball1stPitcher
1986Chris Kinzer Football2ndPK
2012Kaylea Arnett Swimming & DivingPlatform Diving
2013Kaylea Arnett Swimming & DivingHMPlatform Diving
2014Kaylea Arnett Swimming & DivingHMPlatform Diving
2015Kaylea Arnett Swimming & DivingHMPlatform Diving
2012Ryan Hawkins Swimming & DivingPlatform Diving
2013Ryan Hawkins Swimming & DivingPlatform Diving
2014Ryan Hawkins Swimming & DivingPlatform Diving
2008Mikey McDonald Swimming & DivingHMPlatform Diving
2011Logan Shinholser Swimming & DivingPlatform Diving
2012Logan Shinholser Swimming & DivingPlatform Diving
2013Logan Shinholser Swimming & DivingHMPlatform Diving
2014T.J. Shinholser Swimming & DivingPlatform Diving
2012Kelli Stockton Swimming & DivingHMPlatform Diving
2011Joe Davis Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2012Joe Davis Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2009Hunter Hall Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2009Hunter Hall Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2011Hunter Hall Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2000Brian Hunter Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2010Jared Jodon Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2014Torben Laidig Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2016Torben Laidig Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2017Torben Laidig Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2005Brian Mondschein Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2005Brian Mondschein Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2006Brian Mondschein Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2007Thorsten Mueller Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
1976Keith Neff Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2008Yavgeniy Olhovsky Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2008Yavgeniy Olhovsky Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2009Yavgeniy Olhovsky Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2009Yavgeniy Olhovsky Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2010Yavgeniy Olhovsky Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2010Yavgeniy Olhovsky Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2011Yavgeniy Olhovsky Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
1980Bob Phillips Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2008Kelly Phillips Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2012Martina Schultze Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2013Martina Schultze Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2013Martina Schultze Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault
2014Martina Schultze Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2016Deakin Volz Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2012Victoria von Eynatten Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault
2011Hunter Hall Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault (2nd Team)
2012Hunter Hall Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault (2nd team)
2016Brad Johnson Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault (2nd Team)
2017Brad Johnson Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault (2nd Team)
2011Kelly Phillips Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault (2nd Team)
2012Martina Schultze Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault (2nd team)
2013Chris Uhle Track & FieldOutdoorPole Vault (2nd Team)
2017Deakin Volz Track & FieldIndoorPole Vault (2nd Team)
2000André Davis Football1stPR
1963Bob Schweickert Football3rdQB
1964Bob Schweickert Football1stQB
1972Don Strock Football3rdQB
1999Michael Vick Football1stQB
2003Kevin Jones CFootball1stRB
2000Lee Suggs Football3rdRB
2009Ryan Williams Football3rdRB
1997Pierson Prioleau Football3rdROV
1966Frank Loria Football1stS
1967Frank Loria CFootball1stS
2011Samira Burkhardt Track & FieldOutdoorShot Put
2007Justin Clickett Track & FieldIndoorShot Put
2007Justin Clickett Track & FieldOutdoorShot Put
2008Justin Clickett Track & FieldOutdoorShot Put
2005Sven Hahn Track & FieldOutdoorShot Put
2005Ryan Norwood Track & FieldIndoorShot Put
2007Brittany Pryor Track & FieldIndoorShot Put
2007Brittany Pryor Track & FieldOutdoorShot Put
2008Brittany Pryor Track & FieldIndoorShot Put
2008Brittany Pryor Track & FieldOutdoorShot Put
2011Samira Burkhardt Track & FieldIndoorShot Put (2nd Team)
2012Valentina Muzaric Track & FieldOutdoorShot Put (2nd team)
1993Dee Dalton Baseball3rdSS
2011David Wilson Football2ndTB
2011Hasheem Halim Track & FieldOutdoorTriple Jump
2012Hasheem Halim Track & FieldIndoorTriple Jump
2012Hasheem Halim Track & FieldOutdoorTriple Jump
1987Phil Saunders Track & FieldOutdoorTriple Jump
2011David Wilson Track & FieldOutdoorTriple Jump
2015Manuel Ziegler Track & FieldIndoorTriple Jump
2011Hasheem Halim Track & FieldIndoorTriple Jump (2nd Team)
1980Ray Ackenbom Track & FieldIndoorTwo-mile relay
1980Mike Burns Track & FieldIndoorTwo-mile relay
2006Mohsen Anani Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2005Tamara Burns Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2006Tamara Burns Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2008Kristen Callan Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2004Spyridon Jullien Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2005Spyridon Jullien Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2006Spyridon Jullien Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2009Marcel Lomnicky Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2012Marcel Lomnicky Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2010Alexander Ziegler Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2011Alexander Ziegler Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2012Alexander Ziegler Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2013Alexander Ziegler Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw
2013Tomas Kruzliak Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw (2nd Team)
2015Tomas Kruzliak Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw (2nd Team)
2011Marcel Lomnicky Track & FieldIndoorWeight Throw (2nd Team)

Swimming & Diving and Wrestling: The top eight places in each event at the NCAA Championship are awarded All-American.

Tennis: In Singles: The top 16 seeds in the NCAA Championship, the final 16 in the NCAA Championship and the top 20 in the final ITA poll are awarded All-American. In Doubles: The top 8 seeds in the NCAA Championship, the final 8 in the NCAA Championship and the top 10 in the final ITA poll are awarded All-American.

Track & Field: Prior to 2011, the top eight places in each event at the NCAA Championships are awarded All-American. If a top eight finisher is not a US citizen, then the next US citizen place holder will be awarded All-American. Since 2011, the top eight places in each event at the NCAA Championship are awarded First Team All-American, places 9-16 are awarded Second Team All-American and the team must have USTFCCCA membership.

Academic All-Americans
As selected by CoSIDA
2012Francis Dowd Cross Country/Track & Field1st
2012Alexander Ziegler Cross Country/Track & Field2nd
2013Alexander Ziegler Cross Country/Track & Field1st
2008Brittany Cook Women's Basketball3rd
2009Laura Haskins Women's Basketball3rd
1969Stan Kerrick Men's Basketball2nd
2006Gunild Kreb Track & Field2nd
2007Gunild Kreb Track & Field1st
2005Brian MacPhee Track & Field2nd
2010Matej Muza Cross Country/Track & Field2nd
2004Marlies Overbeeke Cross Country/Track & Field2nd
2010Kelly Phillips Cross Country/Track & Field3rd
2011Kelly Phillips Track & Field1st
2007Joe Samaniuk Track & Field3rd
1975Tony Varbonceour Baseball1st1B
2004Tom Blaszak Baseball1st2B
1998Michelle Meadows Softball2nd2B
1999Michelle Meadows Softball1st2B
2000Michelle Meadows Softball1st2B
1997Marek Pfeil Men's Tennis3rdAt-Large
1987Julie Neely Volleyball3rdB
1968Ted Ware Men's Basketball1stC/F
2005Dustin Dyer Men's Soccer3rdD
2003Lasse Mertins Men's Soccer3rdD
1967Frank Loria FootballDB
1965Billy Edwards FootballHMDEF
1994Christi Osborne Women's Basketball2ndF/C
1995Christi Osborne Women's Basketball1stF/C
1966Sands Woody Football2ndG
1970Wayne Javins Baseball1stIF
2015Erik Payne Baseball2ndIF
1972Tommy Carpenito Football1stLB
1971Tommy Carpenito Football2ndLB
1982Mike Johnson Football2ndLB
2014Devin Carter Wrestling2ndMen's At-Large
2015Devin Carter Wrestling1stMen's At-Large
2001Gregg Doulé Swimming & Diving3rdMen's At-Large
2006Mike Faust Wrestling3rdMen's At-Large
2012Ryan Hawkins Swimming & Diving3rdMen's At-Large
2013Ryan Hawkins Swimming & Diving3rdMen's At-Large
2014Katie Yensen Women's Soccer3rdMF
1991Steve Render Baseball1stOF
1992Steve Render Baseball3rdOF
2009Jenna Rhodes Softball2ndOF
1972Steve Magulgan Football2ndOG
1991Lisa Pikalek Volleyball2ndOH
1992Lisa Pikalek YVolleyball1stOH
2002Ashlee Dobbe Softball1stP
1998Michelle Johnson Softball3rdP
2006Angela Tincher Softball2ndP
2007Angela Tincher Softball1stP
2008Angela Tincher YSoftball1stP
1982Ginny Lessman Volleyball3rdS
1983Ginny Lessman Volleyball1stS
2003Spencer Harris Baseball2ndSS
2011Chris Drager Football2ndTE
2010Martha Blakely Women's Tennis3rdWomen's At-Large
2007Jessica Botzum Swimming & Diving3rdWomen's At-Large
2008Jessica Botzum Swimming & Diving2ndWomen's At-Large
2008Sherlenia Green Track & Field1stWomen's At-Large
2012Logan Kline Swimming & Diving2ndWomen's At-Large
1998Kristina Neptun Swimming & Diving3rdWomen's At-Large
1997Katie Ollendick Track & Field1stWomen's At-Large
1998Katie Ollendick YTrack & Field1stWomen's At-Large
2007Lindsay Piper Lacrosse3rdWomen's At-Large
2011Danny Coale Football2ndWR
1990Nick Cullen Football2ndWR
2001André Davis Football1stWR

Golf Coaches Association of America All-American Scholar
2014Bryce Chalkley
1985Jake Allison
2013Bryce Chalkley
1986Mark Teachey
2008Jurrian van der Vaart
2007Carl Wakely
2008Drew Weaver
2009Drew Weaver
U - Unanimous Selection
C - Consensus Selection
Y - Academic All-American of the Year