Coastal Carolina Quotes vs. Virginia Tech

Coastal Carolina Head Coach Gary Gilmore:
On Devin Burke’s performance:
“I thought he was outstanding. He mixed and matched pitches and did a good job. There were a handful of times that we tried to create action and we hit the ball right into double plays. It was just one of those days. At that part of the game, it was still a 0-0 game, 1-0 game. If the ball squirts through we pick up a run and anything can happen.”

On Virgina Tech’s bats late in the game:
“You have to give Virginia Tech all of the credit. They hung in there, created that one run against Ben (Smith). Then (Andrew) Rash hits the home run. Then we go to (Ryan) Connolly in the next inning and the first pitch the guy jumps on it. I tip my cap to them. They did a great job once they created some offense and they opened it up and swung the bat on us really well.”

Ben Smith:
On what happened late in his outing:
“I got a little tired there. I struggled with my command and had a few walks there. That was about it.”

On his outing:
“First couple innings I had command of my fastball and the fastball was there. Then the command started to go away and I got behind on some guys and they got the ball in play.”

Jake Kane:
On the play at second that scored the first run:
“In hindsight, that was one of their faster runners. I probably should have held on to the ball. That would have led to the guy staying at third or maybe me having a play at home.”

On facing Devin Burke:
“Early in game he was early in the count with his fastball. Once he got late in the game he was commanding the curveball well, even going with it straight 0-2 counts. That really took a toll on us cause our hitters were looking to pound that fastball and when he dropped that curveball in effectively, it was hard to get a bat on it.

Ryan Connolly:
On ending the season this way:
“Obviously it’s tough to lose like that, going out of the tournament in two games. Making an appearance in the regional, I’m grateful for that but we thought we could have done better.”

On his time at Coastal Carolina:
“I couldn’t have asked to be at a better program for four years. It’s been a blessing to come to program like Coastal and be as successful as we have.”