Oklahoma Quotes vs. Connecticut

Oklahoma Head Coach Sunny Golloway:
Opening statement
For an opening statement it was an incredible college baseball game with an awful lot at stake. I am extremely proud of our mental toughness. We have to tip our cap to our competitor they played well against us. They got down three and leave their guy in there and he battled through it and threw over a 100 pitches. Overall we left a lot of runners out there and had an opportunity to score. I think when you have been doing this for over 21 year that you think it’s going to come back and bite you so that was my biggest concern and trying to manage the game. It is what it is and we left a lot of men on base. You have to give them credit for the way the pitched.

I am really proud of how my guys stuck in there and came out at the end. The last thing is that I always tell our guys to do something that will inspire each other and we left a lot of runners on like I said and you can always tell when the momentum was trying to swing both ways. But the play that Jack Mayfield made in the 10th inning, sliding and throwing the would be guy out on first base was a tremendous play. I have seen a lot of plays at shortstop in this uniform and that ranks right there if not the best one of the best I have ever seen especially with all that was on the line.

Dillon Overton
The catch in the first inning…
It helped tremendously. I did a good job of minimizing and that is what I needed to do for our guys to keep us in the game. They did a good job getting heads and keeping me in it for myself. To see him catch that I mean it was great. He catches a lot of balls in the gap just because he is so fast. I knew he was going to get there I was just hoping he would catch it.

Max White
How much of a relief was it to see that ball go over the CF’s head?
It was a huge relief. Especially I was struggling there early. I had the chances to really breakout the game after we went up 3-0 but he left a hanger. I think it was a slider up and he tried to beat me and threw it too hard so I saw it up and I put a good swing on it with some backspin and it carried over.

Last night’s tornados…
We were out trying to find a place to eat dinner on our own and got back on the bus and the news was on. We were watching it and I just really didn’t want to watch it. After the first one we drove through there after the Big 12 Tournament and it is just unbelievable. We were celebrating after the championship and then everyone just went silent. So hearing that there were about five tornados last night my little brother actually lives with a friend in Oklahoma City and I was trying to get in touch with him to see if he was good. And trying to stay focused on the task at hand. We still have some games to play – a big one with a good UConn team that is hot right now.

I think that with this team there’s a word that keeps coming up – playing some inspired ball. We are really inspired by the things going on and how the people back home in Oklahoma are handling things and this team is really playing some inspirational baseball and hopefully we can pull this out.

Anthony Hermelyn  
His big catch…
I kind of battled the sun and there was a little tricky sky there late in the game and the lights are a little low. So I just hung with it and found the wall. The ball kind of popped out of my glove a little bit but stuck with it and the umpire was right there to see it.