Connecticut Quotes vs. Virginia Tech

Connecticut Head Coach Jim Penders:
“ That was a great college baseball game. I have to give a lot of credit to coach Hughes and Virginia Tech.Their starter on paper was a guy who hadn’t done a ton for them all year, but he did a ton for them today. It was a real quality start, and he kept us off balance just enough. He gave them a quality start and Anthony Marzi gave us a quality start. We deserved a better third base coach in the fifth inning, and we have a better chance to win the ball game, so that is on me. I am very proud of our effort and toughness. Our kids were loose. I felt like they were ready to go, but to lose in extra innings it’s going to take a lot out of you physically and mentally. I don’t think either one of us swung the bats extremely well today.”

LJ Mazzilli
“I think that this year is the highest of all my memories. It didn’t start off the way we wanted it to, and even in the middle or towards the end, but we found a way. Winning that Big East championship is something that will stick with all of us. We knew we were going to get tested today with that rain delay, but I don’t think that affected us at all. We left it all out there, and it is tough because we will admit we aren’t the most talented team in this tournament, but we have to come with a certain edge every game and use that to our advantage. Our edge is to keep that high energy, believe in each other and never be afraid of anything”

Billy Ferriter
“ I think the biggest thing was keeping us off balance with his [Markey’s] slider. He wasn’t afraid to throw it two or three times in a row [Markey] was keeping us off balance with his slider, and finally we got used to it and knocked him out at the end. Being the captain is hard to understand how to make the team click. I think we found that at George Mason and kept it going into the Big East tournament.  I will never forget that Big East tournament and the run we had, the energy and the emotion.”

Dan Feehan: “
I couldn’t be more proud of this team either. The beginning of the season didn’t really go out way, but during the George Mason series everyone started to click together, and we thought we had a chance. Going into that Big East championship I don’t think anyone could’ve beaten us. I am really proud of the way this team turned this season around into something positive. “