Virginia Tech Quotes vs. Connecticut

Virginia Tech Head Coach Pete Hughes:
Opening statement
It was a really good college baseball game. The stakes were high on the line and we got a good quality start and everything is predicated on a quality start and we were fortunate enough to have one from Brad. We thought we did a good job with situational hitting and fundamental baseball on the offensive side today. I look at the three runs but I do look at the quality at bats. I thought the barrel was on the baseball a ton and I think our bats are still swinging in good shape and hopefully we can get them hot the second game.

How important was it to get the save with Clark?
Clark was a really good match up against them – being right handed and having a ton of arm-side run. He really fit the plan but you still have to stick to the game plan and make the pitches. I think we got him in at just the right time. I have never seen Brad throw eight balls in a row before so that was a good indication to make a move and Coach Mason was right on with that. But a good move is when someone comes in and executes and Clark was very good today.

What’s your game plan for the next one?
We are going to go with Eddie Campbell here in game two and he has been pitching well so I hope he continues to do so.

They are a red-hot baseball team. They flew through the BIG EAST Tournament and you can tell they are playing with a ton of confidence and they are tough kids. A two-run lead in the ninth is not safe with that kind of make up and that kind of momentum that they got going in their dugout right now. I thought their pitching staff did a very good job and their bullpen was very good. The infield play was outstanding and they are a real scrappy, tough team and very well coached.

Brad Markey
What was effective for you in that line up?
I thought my curveball was really working in the beginning. It started to get a little flat at the end – it kept sliding out of my hand. But I think my fastball was really setting up my curveball and it was keeping them off balanced. Towards the end of my game I was going in and out more and I think that was confusing them a little bit as well.

The fifth inning double play…
I can’t remember what I threw but I do remember seeing C (Chad Pinder) come up the middle and his foot coming off the bag so it scared me. But I was happy he was able to make that play and that really helped us and kept our momentum going.