Oklahoma Quotes vs. Virginia Tech

Oklahoma Head Coach Sunny Golloway:
Opening statement
I really want to congratulate Virginia Tech. They are a tremendous worthy opponent and people are going to see that score and not realize how difficult the task that was on the Sooners to get that Regional. The fact that we had to play all three teams and defeat all three team makes us look back and realize how difficult this Regional was.

These events aren’t easy to put on and we have been fortunate enough to be a national seed and host in Norman, Okla. I know how much work goes into it from the coaching staff to the administration and support staff. So we appreciate everyone that put on this event. They really did a first class job. Again, I feel that the whole field was really, really good. We were challenged and to come out of here the Champions really prepares us to move on. Again that game was much closer than anybody is going to end up reading.

In the last five years we have been fortunate enough to win over 40 games. There is only two other programs in the country, Rice and Florida State, that have done that. So your student-athletes end up racking up a lot of wins in their career. We had seniors that left our program with 176 wins and these two guys next to me came into this as our four-year guys and they had 173 wins and I just had the pleasure of telling them that they tied the seniors from last year and have the opportunity to break that. To have 176 wins in a four-year period, I mean if you think about that both of these guys have been the three Super Regionals and both these guys have been to Omaha so they are tremendous leaders and playing at a very high level and we are fortunate enough to have them right now.

Max White
What were you thinking when you made that play at the plate?
Well I actually told Jack, he is my roommate in the hotel, that I was looking for that throw one more time. I made a throw a while back in the Big 12 Tournament like that. I thought it was going to sail on me a little bit but it ended up getting there. They had two guys in scoring position so we needed to keep that momentum and I didn’t want them to tie it up and that would have tied it so I saw the ball come up the middle and I charged hard and luckily it was on line.

What is it about Virginia - you have a lot of success here?
One it is a beautiful state. It is green everywhere. I actually told my dad that he should buy a home in the middle of nowhere and it should be out here - if he wanted to get away.

We played at Virginia and now Virginia Tech and we have found success in this state and we actually have the same bus driver that we had at Virginia the last two times. We just find luck in Virginia I guess.