Familiar faces working for Virginia Tech baseball

Just a year ago, Phil Sciretta and Logan Bible were in the Virginia Tech baseball dugout trying to help the Hokies get to the ACC Championship tournament in their final years of eligibility. This season, the duo is back in that same dugout with the same objective in mind, but this time, they are doing it in a supporting role.

Both Sciretta and Bible have been hired on staff by head coach Patrick Mason and have been helping the team in different aspects, but still have the same goal – helping the Hokies get to the postseason.

Sciretta joined the staff after graduation, taking over as the team’s director of baseball operations and working closely with the staff with team-related activities, travel and the team’s 19 Ways initiative.

“I feel incredibly fortunate that Coach Mason was willing to give me the opportunity to join the staff,” Sciretta said. “I looked up to him and the rest of the staff for the past four years, and it was cool to think I had the chance to work alongside them.

“Also, I truly believe in what the staff is trying to do here on a day-to-day basis, and that made it a no brainer for me. Although I am not on the field anymore, working each day with the end goal of winning baseball games is what makes this position so special and unique, especially at my alma mater.”

The Duxbury, Massachusetts native came to Blacksburg in the summer of 2012 and got a couple of plate appearances during the Hokies’ 2013 campaign, the season Tech played for the ACC Championship against North Carolina and served as host for an NCAA regional the following week.

“I learned an incredible amount from the guys on that team, especially the upperclassmen,” Sciretta said. “They demonstrated what it took to host a regional at the Division I level on a day-to-day basis both on and off the field.

“Remembering how good of a leader Andrew Rash was, and getting to watch guys like Chad Pinder, Joe Mantiply, Mark Zagunis, Brad Markey, and Tyler Horan every day at the field as a freshman, all of whom are still in professional baseball, really set the bar high and showed me what playing in the ACC is all about.”

The next three seasons, Sciretta made a total of 90 starts for the Hokies, including all 55 his senior season – a breakout year that included being named a 2016 semifinalist for the Gregg Olson Award and earning a spot on the All-ACC Academic Team.

“My goal senior year was to enjoy every day I had remaining being a Hokie,” he said. “I knew how quickly the season would go, and I tried to embrace every part of my final season playing college baseball. “I remember the feeling I had in high school after I played my last hockey game, and that helped me put my last year in perspective a lot more. I think that helped me simplify things and look at the bigger picture, which I think contributed a lot to my success last season.”

Sciretta graduated from Tech in May 2016 with a degree in finance, but a chance to continue working in baseball, especially the Hokies in Blacksburg, was something he had to give a chance.

“No matter what I’m doing in this role, big or small, it is in an effort to help the team win, and that was the same mindset I had when I was playing,” Sciretta said. “That was a feeling I didn’t want to give up just yet. When Coach Mason presented me with the opportunity, I knew right away what my answer would be.”

Bible came to Blacksburg in the summer of 2011, but took a redshirt season as a freshman after suffering a shoulder injury just before the start of the 2012 season. Since stepping foot on campus, he’s had a hard time leaving – maybe part of the reason he came back this season.

“Our outfield was stacked with upperclassmen in 2012, and I just needed more time to develop,” Bible said. “Some guys get upset redshirting because they want to contribute right away, but I knew I needed more development, so redshirting was no doubt the best decision for me.

“The first time I ever came to VT was when I showed up to campus to move in when I was a freshman in August, so it took me some time adjusting to a college town after I lived in bigger cities my whole life. But after my first year, I fell in love and barely ever left, partially because I had shoulder surgeries three out of my four summers here, but I stayed for summers by choice rather than going home and rehabbing there.”

After graduating, Bible had the opportunity to move out west and took an internship with the San Francisco 49ers football organization. With the 49ers, Bible worked in the front office with scouting for the summer, but was then hired just before the start of the season, working as an offensive assistant coach, primarily working with the quarterbacks coach.

“I loved my time working with the 49ers and learned so much, not only football knowledge, but how to work as a true professional in such a high-pressure, cut-throat business,” Bible said. “My favorite part of the experience was the relationships I formed with the coaches and even more so the players. They were great guys and awesome to see they are just normal down-to-earth good guys for the most part.

“The biggest take away was getting to work with and learn from my dad (Dana Bible) while coaching there, since I have looked up to him and wanted to do what he did my entire life. It was an experience I will never forget.”

At the end of the football season, Bible decided to come back to Blacksburg for a visit, and as many former players do, met up with Coach Mason during his time here. The two of them struck up a conversation on Bible’s role with the 49ers and being able to do a similar role here with the Hokies. A couple weeks later, Bible signed on to help the staff with its video work.

“With the baseball staff here, I do a lot of video and advanced scouting work for both pitchers and hitters, as well as helping Phil with anything he needs,” Bible said. “I couldn’t be happier working here at VT and especially with this staff because they were my favorite coaches I had ever played for.

“I had a sour taste in my mouth after last season’s struggles, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to join this staff and contribute in helping this program since I take a lot of pride in VT baseball as a former player.”

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