Boys ages 13 - Rising Seniors in High School - July 11-14, 2004

  • Each of the following four specialties are taught and supervised by the Virginia Tech Football Staff:

    - Quarterback or receiving skills and techniques
    - Pass defense skills and techniques
    - Line blocking skills, techniques, and agility
    - Pass rush skills, techniques and agility

  • Each camper will be timed in the 40-yard dash and shuttle run

  • Each camper will be counseled on development of speed, agility, and strength

  • There will be motivational talks on self-discipline, strength and conditioning, and personal priorities in life

  • Campers are housed in a modern college dormitory and receive three meals a day.


The initial registration cost of the camp is $325.00. The fee includes instruction, meals, lodging, $50 key deposit, and Official Camp T-shirt. The $50 key deposit will be returned at the end of the camp when the dorm key is returned to the camp director. Thus, the actual cost of the Virginia Tech Football Camp is $275.00.

Day campers will be charged $150.00 which includes lunch, dinner, and all camp privileges for that day.

A $150.00 non-refundable deposit must accompany all applications. BALANCE OF PAYMENT IS DUE BEFORE JUNE 18, 2004. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOLLOWING JUNE 18, 2004. Upon receipt of the application and deposit, further information will be forwarded by mail. Camp enrollment is limited.

Please click here to download and print a 2004 Football Camp Application


The objective of The 2004 Football Camp is to provide through expert instruction an opportunity for boys of different ages and abilities to develop the techniques of individual and team play necessary in football.

Coach Frank Beamer and his assistant football coaches will be working directly with the campers and will provide constant supervision along with Mike Goforth, Virginia Tech's Head Football Trainer. Also serving as coaches during the camp will be several outstanding high school and college coaches.

The boys will have the opportunity to eat, sleep, practice, and live in much the same manner as a college football player. They will be housed according to age in a Tech dormitory. The Virginia Tech coaches, counselors, and special guests will live in the dorm along with the campers.

All activities will be conducted on the Virginia Tech campus which has one of the most modern and complete athletic facilities in the country. Practice will be conducted on the practice field. Also available for use is the field house adjacent to the practice field that houses a complete football field and affords all weather practice.

The 2004 Football Camp will provide medical/accident insurance after parental insurance has been exhausted. A certified athletic trainer will attend all sessions and a physician will be on call in case he is needed. ALL CAMPERS MUST HAVE INSURANCE.

What To Bring
Upon receipt of the camper's application for camp and full payment, a list of what to bring, along with camper guidelines and medical forms will be mailed.

For More Information
If you have any questions regarding the camp, please feel free to contact John Ballein, Camp Director, by phone at (540)231-9988, or by email by clicking on this link: E-mail John Ballein.

Additionally, you may contact Kristie Verniel at 540-231-9988 or by Email for more information. Write to:  2004 Football Camp, 205 Jamerson Athletic Center, Blacksburg, VA 24061

Please click here to download and print a 2004 Football Camp Application


2004 Hokie Kicking Camp
July 15-18, 2004
with Carol A. White, Director

The Leading Summer Instruction Program for Kickers, Punters, and Snappers

Dates:  July 15 - 18, 2004  (Thursday-Sunday)

Registration:   Thursday, July 15, 9:00 am - 11:00 am, Merryman Athletic Center

Check Out
:  Sunday, July 18, 11:00 am - 12:00 am, Dorm Lobby


Intended Participants:  This camp is designed for athletes in grades 7 through 12 who want to learn fundamentals in kicking, punting, or snapping or who wish to improve their techniques. Instruction is also available for coaches who desire to gain familiarity with theoretical, tactical, and organizational aspects of the kicking game.

Camp Objectives:

  • The emphasis will be on individualized instruction. Campers are assigned to groups based on the preferences indicated on the application form and on their previous experience. Each group will have 7-10 campers. Eight practices will be conducted during the camp.
  • All kickers, punters, and snappers will receive instruction in fundamentals and will learn drills to practice these techniques correctly when they return from camp. The kicking process is taught as a series of systematic steps, and campers learn to adapt basic principles of balance and motion to their own body types. The instructors assist each individual in determining the factors in his form which can cause variability in performance.
  • The role of kicking and punting within football game strategy is incorporated in demonstrations and lectures by successful college and professional kickers, punters, and snappers. Conditioning and flexibility exercises are taught at all practices.
  • Recruiting for college football will be explained in depth on Thursday evening.

Competition: On Sunday, kicking, punting, and snapping competition will be conducted by school grade level. Finalists will compete in Lane Stadium/Worsham Field. Parents are encouraged to plan to attend this entire event.

Facilities:  Campers will be housed in the dorms within walking distance of the practice fields. Meals will be served in a campus dining hall. Practices will be held on the Virginia Tech practice/intramural fields. Classroom instruction will take place in the Hokies football team meeting room. Campers will be closely supervised at all times.

Staff::  Carol A. White, a veteran instructor, with four years of experience as kicking coach at Georgia Tech (1985-1988), will direct the camp. She may be reached at 404-351-8991, or call John Ballein at the Virginia Tech Football office at 540-231-6368. Ms. White will be responsible for the individualized instruction which may include former Virginia Tech kickers and punters.


  • The camp costs $400 for overnighters if paid in full by April 30th, 2004
  • The camp costs $300 for day campers if paid in full by April 30th, 2004
  • After April 30th the cost is $425 overnight, and $325 day.
  • This fee includes room and board, a camp T-shirt, and three days of quality, individualized instruction.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $150 must accompany the application.
  • All fees are due prior to July 1, 2004
  • Make checks payable to VT-FBC, Inc.

Medical:  Each camper must have a physical examination. The examining physician and the parent must sign the medical authorization form that will be mailed as part of the follow-up letter to each registered camper. A copy of a recent (within one year) school physical may be substituted for a physician's signature. Medical forms may be turned in prior to camp or brought with you to camp. NO CAMPER WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE WITHOUT A COMPLETED MEDICAL FORM.

Parents are warned that camp participation involves strenuous physical activity. Campers should stretch and condition for several weeks prior to camp to receive maximum benefit from instruction.

The Virginia Tech Football training staff will be present at all camp functions. Head Athletic Trainer Mike Goforth will be on call 24 hours a day.

Insurance:  All campers must have their own medical insurance.  The Hokie Kicking Camp will provide medical/accident insurance after parental insurance has been exhausted up to the following amount

  • Maximum Medical expense benefit $10,000
  • Deductible amount $100
  • AD & D benefit principal sum $2,500
  • Dental injury $150 per tooth/$1,000 total

Ball and Tee(s):  Each camper must furnish one football and appropriate field goal and kickoff tees, plus kicking shoes. The campers name or school name should appear on all these items. Straps for square-toes shoes and barefoot kicking or punting are not allowed during camp.

What to Bring:  Campers must furnish their own toiletries. Linens are provided. The dorms are not air conditioned, you will need a fan. Alarm clock. Since campers practice several times per day under various weather conditions, they should bring several changes of work out clothing. Kicking shoes and tennis shoes are essential. DO NOT BRING ITEMS OF GREAT VALUE.

Reporting Instructions: On Thursday, the first day of camp, report to the Merryman Athletic Center between 9:00 am and 11:00 am.

Providing Quality Instruction for Grades 7-12 Kickers, Punters, and Snappers

Value:  At a time when many colleges are advertising kicking instruction as part of their regular summer football camps, the Hokie Kicking Camp offers tremendous advantages for young kickers, punters, snappers, and their parents and coaches:

  • Concentrated program of kicking / punting / snapping practices and lectures, conducted by a staff of kicking specialists trained to provide individualized instruction.
  • Impartial objective advice about recruiting and about preparation for college.
  • Opportunities to discuss football and college life with a large group of currently active collegiate kickers, punters, and snappers.
  • Comparisons of skills with other talented players.

Carol A. White

For additional information, please contact the Virginia Tech Football Office at 540-231-6368.