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Tale of the Tape
Florida State vs. Virginia Tech
Offensive CategoryNat. RankAverageDefensive CategoryNat. RankAverage
VT Offense64374.09FSU Defense43356.36
FSU Offense26426.09VT Defense2237.91
VT Rush Offense26194.73FSU Rush Defense32126.00
FSU Rush Offense55159.64VT Rush Defense271.64
VT Pass Offense86179.36FSU Pass Defense76230.36
FSU Pass Offense26266.45VT Pass Defense8166.27
VT Scoring Offense2532.64FSU Scoring Defense6526.09
FSU Scoring Offense2133.91VT Scoring Defense213.36
VT Pass Efficiency67121.45FSU Pass Efficiency Defense38113.07
FSU Pass Efficiency7150.76VT Pass Efficiency Defense385.62
VT Net Punting8034.00FSU Punt Returns659.10
FSU Net Punting9932.51VT Punt Returns1013.33
VT Interceptions ThrownT-4812 (Total)FSU Passes InterceptedT-3215 (Total)
FSU Interceptions Thrown6213 (Total)VT Passes InterceptedT-719 (Total)
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