August 15, 2012
Take a look at the Administrative Assistants of Football
Football Camp: Behind The Scenes

Throughout preseason football camp, Assistant Director of Athletics Communications Rachel Perreault will take you on a behind-the-scenes look at different aspects of the football program that go beyond the practice field. In today’s seventh installment, she checks in with the administrative assistants of football.

The start of football camp provides a hectic time around the athletics department at Tech and though the days are long and busy for the players and coaches, the three administrative assistants in the football office are hard at work as well. Though the arrival of players alleviates a workload for some, Diana Clark, Lisa Marie and Kristie Verneil have a busy month of August as they too prepare for yet another season.

Clark (at right) coordinates the majority of Coach Beamer’s schedule and commitments. From the middle of July until Aug. 1, she is hard at working putting together the manual that Coach Beamer provides for each of the players with all the camp details, as well as the one for the entire staff. This staff binders goes out to all involved with the squad, from the training room, to the video office, to athletics communications staff and the weight room.

Clark begins nearly every day sitting down with Coach Beamer to go over what the day’s schedule will be. Lately his days have been packed not only with camp, but shooting various TV and radio commercials as well.

Verneil, like Clark, works closely with Assistant A.D. for Football Operations John Ballein, but she handles all dealings with recruits. From the time they can begin mailing things out to them in high school until the day they finish playing at Tech, she takes care of them. Verneil (at left) is the contact person on official and unofficial visits and hosts the young players before and after the games.

As enjoyable and welcoming as her conveniently located office can be, many of the players enjoy stopping by and hanging out, but with them being around so much during camp they can also provide a nice distraction from the day’s work. Most players have their usual spot in her office, but as she is working to meet recruiting deadlines in August and September, the players being around all day during camp can make things a little crazy.

Marie works closely with the entire coaching staff and serves as a bit of a translator at times. Responsible for a lot of the assistant coaches’ game-week work, Marie is busy during the week typing up everything the coaches hand out to the players including the playbooks.

A trustworthy member of the staff, Marie (at right) also has to account for a lot of team-only information, including wristbands. She says that she never leaves her desk when she’s working on the playbooks and admits that if they ever find a mistake on a wristband she will shred it immediately.

Each laugh at the mention of a normal day since things are ever-changing and the things that come along with college football are always evolving. Though the three each handle very different tasks, they work well as a team for their team. They all gush about their favorite part of their job and it’s the family and team atmosphere they work in. They know how valued they are by the players and coaches and couldn’t feel more appreciated and grateful for the people they are lucky enough to surround themselves with.

But one thing’s for sure, the program couldn’t survive without them.

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