August 14, 2013
A Day in the Life - Graduate Assistants
Football Camp: Behind The Scenes

An early start to the day seems like an understatement for football graduate assistants James Hopper, Justin King, Greg Nosal and Ryan Pugh. While all four GAs can call the football offices home during camp, the latter three of the four end up spending the night in the Merryman Center more often than not. In their second week of camp and their final week of Summer II classes, there is a lot of work to be done.

The GAs got their day started today well before anyone else had arrived. They spent the early morning hours making sure the film from last night’s practice was ready to go for position meetings at 8 a.m., as well as for staff meetings, which followed. They also had a chance to get some unfinished schoolwork done and grab breakfast before the players and coaches all arrived.

After being in meetings with the players and the rest of the staff all morning, the GAs got a little free time for lunch. We will check back in with them after lunch as they start getting everything ready for installation and tonight’s practice.

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