August 20, 2013
Coleman expects to play against Alabama
Football Camp: Behind The Scenes

BLACKSBURG – Tech tailback J.C. Coleman met with the media this afternoon before Tech’s practice on Tuesday evening and told reporters that he fully expects to play in the Hokies’ season opener against Alabama on Aug. 31.

Coleman sprained both of his ankles when he got bent backward and then rolled upon in a middle drill last week. The middle drill involves the offensive line and running backs against the defensive line and linebackers. The offense tries to run the ball between the tackles.

“I thought it was worse than what it was,” Coleman said. “I thought both of them were broken. That’s the kind of pain I was in. It was just crazy.

“My ankles are doing real well right now. I’m just taking it day by day and going through all my progressions and rehab. It’s going well. I feel like I’m way ahead as far as the last time I had this injury. I definitely feel like I’ll be ready for Alabama.”

Coleman is Tech’s only experienced tailback after playing last year as a true freshman. He told reporters he is spending his time doing rehab and cardio exercises, but that he probably won’t return to practice this week.

“I’m doing a lot of conditioning and cardio, things like that so that I can still stay in shape,” he said. “I think I’m going to take this week off and then try to do what I can next week.”

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