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    (12) North Carolina
    Virginia Tech
    1st OT
    Drive: P +5 | R +8 | P +15 | P 0 | R +2 | P +10 | F +15 | R +18 | R +4 | R +1 | R +3(TD)6 Rush, 4 Pass, 81 Yds
    (12) North Carolina70314630
    Virginia Tech03714327
    Notes: Head Coach Frank Beamer's Last Home Game
    Kickoff time: 12:03 PM
    Attendance: 65,632
    Temperature: 47 F
    Wind: SE 6 mph
    Weather: Clear, 43F wc
    Current Weather: Clear
    Temp: 70.6 F
    Wind: E at 3.0 mph
    Referee: Ron Cherry
    Umpire: Tom Laverty
    Linesman: Troy Gray
    Line judge: Jeff Jones
    Back judge: Brian McGready
    Field judge: Mark Furtado
    Side judge: Richard Wilborn
    Center: Tyrone Anderson
    Last 8 Plays (Most Recent Play First)
    DRIVE SUMMARY: 4 plays, 25 yards, TOP 0:00
    Clock 15:00.
    Previous play is under review ... play stands.
    3 and Goal at VT05Williams, M flag pass complete to Davis, Q for 5 yards to the VT0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 15:00.
    Timeout North Carolina, clock 15:00.
    2 and Goal at VT08Williams, M rush over right end for 3 yards to the VT5 (Clarke, D;Motuapuaka, A).
    2 and Goal at VT03PENALTY NC false start (Turner, L) 5 yards to the VT8.
    1 and Goal at VT07Hood, E rush up middle for 4 yards to the VT3 (Clarke, D;Clark, C).
    1 and 10 at VT25Williams, M sideline pass complete to Switzer, R for 18 yards to the VT7, 1ST DOWN NC, out-of-bounds (Stroman, G).

    North Carolina Defense
    Solo Ast Total TFL/Yds Sack/Yds FF FR-Yds Int-Yds BrUp Blkd QBH
    Shakeel Rashad87152.0/91.0/7------
    Donnie Miles3811--------
    Malik Simmons8311-----2--
    Nazair Jones1561.0/1-11-0-1--
    Junior Gnonkonde-660.5/40.5/4-----1
    Des Lawrence5-5----1-01--
    Jeff Schoettmer325-------1
    M.J. Stewart314----1-0---
    Jeremiah Clarke123--------
    Sam Smiley123-----1--
    Justin Thomason-330.5/00.5/0------
    Mikey Bart2132.5/72.5/7------
    Dajaun Drennon3-31.0/3-------
    Tyler Powell-330.5/40.5/4------
    Jalen Dalton112--------
    Jessie Rogers1-11.0/2-------
    Robert Dinkins-11--------
    Mike Hughes-11--------
    Damien Washington-11--------
    Cayson Collins-11--------
    T.J. Jiles-11--------
    Ryan Switzer1-1--------
    Allen Artis1-1--------
    Cole Holcomb-11--------
    Bug Howard--0--------

    Virginia Tech Defense
    Solo Ast Total TFL/Yds Sack/Yds FF FR-Yds Int-Yds BrUp Blkd QBH
    Chuck Clark55100.5/1----1--
    Deon Clarke358--------
    Andrew Motuapuaka3582.0/3--1-0----
    Anthony Shegog358---1-0----
    Terrell Edmunds4260.5/1----2--
    Greg Stroman5-5-----1--
    Corey Marshall3251.0/151.0/151----1
    Brandon Facyson325-----1--
    Dadi Nicolas1341.0/5------1
    Luther Maddy224--1-----
    Ken Ekanem1231.0/5----1-1
    Vinny Mihota1121.0/2-1-----
    Ryan Malleck-11--------
    Nigel Williams1-1--------
    Donovan Riley-11--------
    Mook Reynolds-11--------
    Ronny Vandyke-11--------
    Woody Baron--0---1-0----

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