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    (12) North Carolina
    Virginia Tech
    1st OT
    Drive: P +5 | R +8 | P +15 | P 0 | R +2 | P +10 | F +15 | R +18 | R +4 | R +1 | R +3(TD)6 Rush, 4 Pass, 81 Yds
    (12) North Carolina70314630
    Virginia Tech03714327
    Notes: Head Coach Frank Beamer's Last Home Game
    Kickoff time: 12:03 PM
    Attendance: 65,632
    Temperature: 47 F
    Wind: SE 6 mph
    Weather: Clear, 43F wc
    Current Weather: Clear
    Temp: 80.8 F
    Wind: SSE at 2.0 mph
    Referee: Ron Cherry
    Umpire: Tom Laverty
    Linesman: Troy Gray
    Line judge: Jeff Jones
    Back judge: Brian McGready
    Field judge: Mark Furtado
    Side judge: Richard Wilborn
    Center: Tyrone Anderson
    Last 8 Plays (Most Recent Play First)
    DRIVE SUMMARY: 4 plays, 25 yards, TOP 0:00
    Clock 15:00.
    Previous play is under review ... play stands.
    3 and Goal at VT05Williams, M flag pass complete to Davis, Q for 5 yards to the VT0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 15:00.
    Timeout North Carolina, clock 15:00.
    2 and Goal at VT08Williams, M rush over right end for 3 yards to the VT5 (Clarke, D;Motuapuaka, A).
    2 and Goal at VT03PENALTY NC false start (Turner, L) 5 yards to the VT8.
    1 and Goal at VT07Hood, E rush up middle for 4 yards to the VT3 (Clarke, D;Clark, C).
    1 and 10 at VT25Williams, M sideline pass complete to Switzer, R for 18 yards to the VT7, 1ST DOWN NC, out-of-bounds (Stroman, G).

    North Carolina Punting
    Joey Mangili
    Virginia Tech Punting
    A.J. Hughes

    North Carolina All Returns
      Punts Kickoffs Interceptions
    Ryan Switzer
    M.J. Stewart
    Des Lawrence
    Bug Howard
    Virginia Tech All Returns
      Punts Kickoffs Interceptions
    Der'Woun Greene
    J.C. Coleman
    Greg Stroman

    North Carolina Field Goal Attempts
    Nick Weiler
    Virginia Tech Field Goal Attempts
    Joey Slye
    Joey Slye
    Joey Slye

    North Carolina Kickoffs
    Nick Weiler
    Virginia Tech Kickoffs
    Joey Slye

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