August 28, 2007
Walk-on jersey numbers assigned
The Notebook
As Saturday's football season opener approaches, the Hokies are making some finishing touches to their roster. Although the dress squad could change before the weekend, the following walk-ons have been assigned numbers and fitted for uniforms. Some - such as Scott King, Cody Grimm and Devin Perez - have seen varsity action in the past, while others like Matt Finnegan could be running out the Lane Stadium tunnel for the first time in their careers.

14 - Grant Throckmorton, h
15 - Jeff Beyer, qb
26 - Cody Grimm, lb
30 - Brian Saunders, p
34 - Matt Wright, lb
40 - Billy Gorham, fb
44 - Devin Perez, fb
46 - Dylan McGreevy, lb
48 - Kenny Younger, fb
52 - Barrett Mears, c
53 - Matt Reidy, rov
61 - Scott King, ds
80 - Brandon Dillard, fl
85 - Matt Finnegan, fl
87 - Prince Parker, wr
89 - Jonas Houseright, lb
96 - Mark Muncey, lb

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