September 6, 2007
Captains, Beamer place ECU game ball at memorial
The Notebook
The Tech team captains for the LSU football game and head coach Frank Beamer made the trip from the Jamerson Athletics Center across the campus to Burruss Hall on Thursday morning to place the East Carolina game ball at the memorial commemorating those who died in the tragedy that occurred on campus on April 16th.

Xavier Adibi, D.J. Parker, Carlton Weatherford and Eddie Royal joined Beamer. The football was enclosed in a glass case, and Parker, the Hokies' starting free safety, set the case next to the big piece of Hokie stone that has the words 'We Are Virginia Tech ~ We Will Prevail' inscribed on it.

"It was the right thing to do," Beamer said to a few media members who came to watch. "We've got a big game this upcoming Saturday and big games ahead of us the rest of the season, but we want to always remember these victims and all those who were affected by what took place on April 16th."

The football inside the case has special lettering on it. It sports the phrase 'In Honor of You,' and then underneath that phrase is the team's slogan for this season - 'None of us is as good as all of us.' The score of the game and the date of the game are on the ball as well.

After placing the case, the players and Beamer walked around the memorial and looked at the 32 pieces of Hokie stone, each with a name inscribed on it representing a young man or woman who died on that cold mid-April day. The stones form a half circle around the bigger piece of Hokie stone.

Beamer and the players hope those visiting the memorial will leave the case alone. The memorial is open to the public, so the case is subject to be stolen.

"Putting this game ball here was very important to me and to our football team," Beamer said. "It's our way of paying our respects, and I would hope those visiting this memorial would respect that and each individual who is represented by these Hokie stones."


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