September 1, 2009
Beamer lobbies for college football exhibition game
The Notebook
Tech head coach Frank Beamer took time out of his weekly news conference on Tuesday afternoon to lobby for an exhibition game for college football programs. Citing examples of the NFL and high schools, he’d like to see colleges be able to schedule one exhibition game in preparation for the season.

“It makes sense to me,” he said. “Here you’ve got the pros and they’ve got four and high school’s have scrimmages. In college, you play an opponent and that’s the first time you’re hitting someone besides your own teammates. I just think that [an exhibition] would be a good idea.

“Right now, I don’t know why we wouldn’t do something like that. It makes sense to me.”

When asked if he meant playing a FCS opponent such as a JMU or Richmond, Beamer said he wasn’t necessarily thinking that explicitly.

“I think people would have to work that out,” he said. “But whoever you play, at least you get some of the things out of the way that come up in that first game.”

At the moment, there hasn’t been much in the way of discussion on the topic. But Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez came out in support of the idea, saying that would be the one rule he would change.

“I don’t know how much there is,” Beamer said when asked about support for the idea. “But I’m going to see if there is any move in that direction. It makes sense to me."

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