VMI Series History
    Overall: 49-25-5 (65.2%)    Conference: 19-16-4 (53.8%)

    49 WINS
    5 TIES
    25 LOSSES
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    Games: 79
    Overall Record: 49-25-5 (65.2%)    Conference Record: 19-16-4 (53.8%)
    Home: 5-2 (71.4%)    Away: 0-0 (0%)    Neutral: 44-23-5 (64.6%)    
    Lane Stadium: 5-2 (71.4%)    Under Justin Fuente: 0-0 (0%)
    Televised Games: 0-1 (0%)    
    VT Ranked: 1-0 (100%)    Opponent Ranked: 0-1 (0%)    Both Teams Ranked: 0-0 (0%)
    VT Ranked Higher: 1-0 (100%)    Opponent Ranked Higher: 0-1 (0%)

    SeasonDateSiteScore (VT-Opp)RankTV
    1984Sat., Oct 6, 1984Norfolk, Va.W, 54-7NR/NR
    1983Sat., Sep 24, 1983Blacksburg, Va.W, 28-0NR/NR
    1982Sat., Nov 20, 1982Norfolk, Va.W, 14-3NR/NR
    1981Sat., Nov 21, 1981Blacksburg, Va.L, 0-6NR/NRABC (regional)
    1980Sat., Nov 15, 1980Norfolk, Va.W, 21-6NR/NR
    1979Sat., Nov 17, 1979Blacksburg, Va.W, 27-20NR/NR
    1978Sat., Nov 18, 1978Blacksburg, Va.W, 28-2NR/NR
    1977Sat., Nov 26, 1977Blacksburg, Va.W, 27-7NR/NR
    1976Sat., Oct 9, 1976Richmond, Va.W, 37-7NR/NR
    1975Sat., Nov 15, 1975Blacksburg, Va.W, 33-0NR/NR
    1974Sat., Oct 5, 1974Richmond, Va.L, 17-22NR/NR
    1973Sat., Nov 17, 1973Blacksburg, Va.L, 21-22NR/NR
    1971Sat., Nov 27, 1971Roanoke, Va.W, 34-0NR/NR
    1970Sat., Nov 21, 1970Roanoke, Va.W, 20-14NR/NR
    1969Thu., Nov 27, 1969Roanoke, Va.W, 52-0NR/NR
    1968Thu., Nov 28, 1968Roanoke, Va.W, 55-6NR/NR
    1967Thu., Nov 23, 1967Roanoke, Va.L, 10-12NR/NR
    1966Thu., Nov 24, 1966Roanoke, Va.W, 70-12NR/NR
    1965Thu., Nov 25, 1965Roanoke, Va.W, 44-13NR/NR
    1964Thu., Nov 26, 1964Roanoke, Va. *W, 35-13NR/NR
    1963Thu., Nov 28, 1963Roanoke, Va. *W, 35-20NR/NR
    1962Thu., Nov 22, 1962Roanoke, Va. *L, 9-14NR/NR
    1961Thu., Nov 23, 1961Roanoke, Va. *L, 0-6NR/NR
    1960Thu., Nov 24, 1960Roanoke, Va. *W, 13-12NR/NR
    1959Thu., Nov 26, 1959Roanoke, Va. *L, 12-37NR/NR
    1958Thu., Nov 27, 1958Roanoke, Va. *W, 21-16NR/NR
    1957Thu., Nov 28, 1957Roanoke, Va. *L, 6-14NR/17
    1956Thu., Nov 22, 1956Roanoke, Va. *W, 45-0NR/NR
    1955Thu., Nov 24, 1955Roanoke, Va. *W, 39-13NR/NR
    1954Thu., Nov 25, 1954Roanoke, Va. *W, 46-916/NR
    1953Thu., Nov 26, 1953Roanoke, Va. *L, 13-28NR/NR
    1952Thu., Nov 27, 1952Roanoke, Va. *W, 26-7NR/NR
    1951Thu., Nov 22, 1951Roanoke, Va. *L, 7-20NR/NR
    1950Thu., Nov 23, 1950Roanoke, Va. *L, 0-27NR/NR
    1949Thu., Nov 24, 1949Roanoke, Va. *T, 28-28NR/NR
    1948Thu., Nov 25, 1948Roanoke, Va. *L, 7-33NR/NR
    1947Thu., Nov 27, 1947Roanoke, Va. *L, 14-28NR/NR
    1946Thu., Nov 28, 1946Roanoke, Va. *W, 20-7NA
    1945Thu., Nov 22, 1945Roanoke, Va. *L, 0-7NA
    1942Thu., Nov 26, 1942Roanoke, Va. *W, 20-6NA
    1941Thu., Nov 20, 1941Lynchburg, Va. *L, 10-15NA
    1940Thu., Nov 21, 1940Roanoke, Va. *L, 0-14NA
    1939Thu., Nov 30, 1939Roanoke, Va. *L, 7-19NA
    1938Thu., Nov 24, 1938Roanoke, Va. *T, 2-2NA
    1937Thu., Nov 25, 1937Roanoke, Va. *W, 12-6NA
    1936Thu., Nov 26, 1936Roanoke, Va. *W, 6-0NA
    1935Thu., Nov 28, 1935Roanoke, Va. *W, 12-6NA
    1934Thu., Nov 29, 1934Roanoke, Va. *W, 13-0NA
    1933Thu., Nov 30, 1933Roanoke, Va. *T, 0-0NA
    1932Thu., Nov 24, 1932Roanoke, Va. *W, 26-0NA
    1931Thu., Nov 26, 1931Roanoke, Va. *W, 13-6NA
    1930Thu., Nov 27, 1930Roanoke, Va. *W, 24-0NA
    1929Thu., Nov 28, 1929Roanoke, Va. *L, 0-14NA
    1928Thu., Nov 29, 1928Roanoke, Va. *L, 6-16NA
    1927Thu., Nov 24, 1927Roanoke, Va. *L, 9-12NA
    1926Thu., Nov 25, 1926Roanoke, Va. *W, 14-7NA
    1925Thu., Nov 26, 1925Roanoke, Va. *W, 7-0NA
    1924Thu., Nov 27, 1924Roanoke, Va. *T, 0-0NA
    1923Thu., Nov 29, 1923Roanoke, Va.L, 0-6NA
    1922Thu., Nov 30, 1922Roanoke, Va.W, 7-3NA
    1921Thu., Nov 24, 1921Roanoke, Va.W, 26-7NA
    1920Thu., Nov 25, 1920Roanoke, Va.L, 7-24NA
    1919Thu., Nov 27, 1919Roanoke, Va.L, 0-13NA
    1918Thu., Nov 28, 1918Roanoke, Va.W, 6-0NA
    1917Thu., Nov 29, 1917Roanoke, Va.W, 6-0NA
    1916Thu., Nov 30, 1916Roanoke, Va.W, 23-14NA
    1915Thu., Nov 25, 1915Roanoke, Va.W, 27-9NA
    1914Thu., Nov 26, 1914Roanoke, Va.W, 3-0NA
    1913Thu., Nov 27, 1913Roanoke, Va.T, 6-6NA
    1908Sat., Oct 24, 1908Roanoke, Va.W, 10-0NA
    1907Sat., Nov 9, 1907Roanoke, Va.W, 22-0NA
    1905Thu., Nov 30, 1905Richmond, Va.W, 34-0NA
    1904Thu., Nov 24, 1904Roanoke, Va.W, 17-5NA
    1902Thu., Nov 27, 1902Roanoke, Va.W, 50-5NA
    1901Thu., Nov 28, 1901Norfolk, Va.W, 21-0NA
    1900Sun., Nov 25, 1900Roanoke, Va.L, 0-5NA
    1896Thu., Nov 26, 1896Roanoke, Va.W, 24-0NA
    1895Thu., Nov 28, 1895Lynchburg, Va.W, 6-4NA
    1894Fri., Nov 30, 1894Staunton, Va.L, 6-10NA
    Most Points Scored70/37 (1966/1959)
    Fewest Points Scored0/0 (1981/1983)
    Shutouts By20/11 (1983/1981)
    Largest Margin of Victory58/27 (1966/1950)
    Smallest Margin of Victory1/1 (1960/1973)
    * - Conference game
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