Construction of South end zone reaches new level
March 15, 2002

The construction of the South end zone of Lane Stadium will begin a new phase after Friday as workers from Beers Skanska, Inc. - the company handling the project - prepare to "top out" the end zone project. On Friday, workers will complete the foundation of the end zone and take the forms off the final raker.

"All the rakers will be in place and all the foundation," said Tom Gabbard, Tech's associate AD for internal affairs. "And when a person looks at it, that's as high it's going to go [topping out]."

Beers Skanska, Inc. has a tradition of commemorating the topping out of a project. Workers from the site - who have been working seven days a week - will take the weekend off for a breather. Then on Monday morning, they'll begin the next phase of the project.

"They've already started hanging pre-cast concrete on the lower portion," Gabbard said. "Now what you'll see is them starting on the top portion. You'll start to see the suites and club seating take form."

The 11,000-seat addition is scheduled to be completed for the Hokies' 2002 season opener against Arkansas State.