Tranghese To Assume BCS Coordinator Duties
The Beat
April 17, 2002

PHOENIX, AZ - Following two days of meetings, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Administrative Group and BCS Coordinator John Swofford announced that BIG EAST Conference Commissioner Mike Tranghese will assume BCS Coordinator duties for the next two years through April 2004. Tranghese becomes the third coordinator of the BCS, following Roy Kramer, SEC Commissioner, (1999-2000) and Swofford, ACC Commissioner (2001-2002).

Swofford also announced that following considerable discussion of the current BCS formula that a decision had not been reached on any potential changes.

"I would characterize the group's discussions as being very thorough without reaching a definitive conclusion," said Swofford. "We have decided to continue the discussions over the next couple of months. We looked at a broad range of potential changes and feel that more time is needed to study and discuss the matter."