Tech delegation attends Hispanic College Fund reception
April 25, 2002

Members from the Hispanic College Fund served as the hosts for a reception held Wednesday night in the Mansfield Room of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., and a delegation from Virginia Tech attended the event. The delegation included university president Charles Steger, director of athletics Jim Weaver, senior associate AD David Chambers and head football coach Frank Beamer.

The Hispanic College Fund recognized their sponsors and their scholarship recipients. They also presented an outstanding achievement award to John Warner, the long-standing senator from Virginia. Warner, and Virginia's other senator, George Allen, were both in attendance.

Russ Potts, a state senator from Virginia, introduced the delegation from the Virginia Tech and Steger, Weaver and Beamer each spoke at the reception. Potts' company, Russ Potts Productions, Inc., is promoting the Hispanic College Fund Football Classic, which pits Tech versus Arkansas State on Aug. 25th at Lane Stadium. Senators Tim Hutchinson and Blanche Lincoln from Arkansas also were at the event.

Tech finished 8-4 last season, falling to Florida State in the Gator Bowl, while Arkansas State went 1-10. The kickoff time for the game has not be set yet.