Cheerleaders and HighTechs fare well at NCA/NDA College Championships
April 6, 2002

The Virginia Tech cheerleaders and HighTechs competed in the National Cheer Association and National Dance Association Collegiate Championship on April 3-7 in Daytona Beach, Fla., and both groups finished in the top 15.

In the Division I-A Dance competition, the HighTechs finished 15th. Louisville won the competition, followed by Memphis and Rutgers. As for the Tech cheerleaders, they finished 11th in the Division I-A Cheer competition. The University of North Texas won the event, followed by Purdue and Louisville.

The HokieBird also competed in the mascot competition and finished fourth. The Bulldog of Mississippi State won that event.

The entire competition will be shown on CBS on April 27th.