BCA ticket sales eclipse initial allotment
May 18, 2004

The Virginia Tech ticket office has been flooded this spring with ticket purchases for the 2004 BCA Classic game in which the Hokies will take on defending national champion Southern Cal on Aug. 28th at FedEx Field. Tech has sold more than 43,500 tickets to the game, receiving more tickets to the game after originally being allotted 40,000.

But with the overwhelming demand for tickets to the game, the ticket office will not be able to fill all the orders for the $54 tickets or the $44 tickets. Fans could purchase $54, $44 and $34 tickets, with the higher-priced ticket warranting the better seats.

"The demand has exceed the supply at the $54 and $44 levels," said Sandy Smith, Tech's assistant AD for ticketing services. "So we're going to have to move some people to the $34 level. We'll do that according to the Hokie Club's point priority system, which is how we've always handled things. And we'll refund the difference."

In other words, if a person ordered a $54 ticket to the BCA Classic and that person gets bumped down to a $34 ticket, then he or she will be refunded the $20 difference.

Rest assured, though, everyone who has ordered a ticket to the game will get one. And Tech's ticket office plans on selling the $34 tickets through June 4th. After that date, the ticket office will not accept any more orders to the BCA Classic. To purchase a ticket, contact the Tech ticket office at 1-800-VA TECH4.