Ironman battle gets underway
By Jimmy Robertson
May 29, 2001

Tech tight end Browning Wynn opened defense of his Ironman title by winning the stadium run for the TE/LB/DE/FB group as the annual Ironman competition kicked off late last week.

Tech assistant AD for athletic performance Mike Gentry holds the Ironman competition every summer as a way to break up the monotony of training. This year, the six-week competition consists of the stadium run (players wear a 30-pound vest up the stadium steps), the truck push (players are timed while pushing a truck a certain distance), the sumo wrestling event (players try to push each other out of a small circle), the tug-of-war, the tire flip (players are timed while flipping a tire a certain distance), and finally, the maxing out in the back squat.

Wynn, the 2000 champion, ran the stadium steps in a time of 30.22 seconds and earned 10 points for winning the event. The person with the most points at the end of the competition wins the Ironman title. Lamar Cobb finished second in the TE/LB/DE/FB group with a time of 34.88, while Nathaniel Adibi finished third.

As for skill players, safety Vincent Fuller continued his impressive showings by finishing first in the skill players group. He ran the steps in a time of 29.89. Tailback Lee Suggs came in second, with Michael Crawford finishing third.

Center Steve DeMasi led the linemen, finishing first in that group with a time of 39.19. Defensive tackle Chad Beasley came in second, with offensive tackle Matt Wincek finishing third.

Overall, Wynn, Fuller and DeMasi are tied for first place in the competition. It continues Wednesday and Thursday with the truck push.