Ironman battle close after two events
By Jimmy Robertson
June 1, 2001

Tech tight end Browning Wynn maintains a slim lead in the overall battle for the Ironman title after two events, with tailback Lee Suggs and defensive tackle Chad Beasley not far behind.

For the past two days, Tech players have competed in the truck push. Wynn finished second in the TE/LB/DE/FB group, with a time of 44.72 seconds, and earned nine points for finishing second. A player earns 10 points for winning an event, nine points for finishing second, eight points for finishing third, etc. Fullback Jarrett Ferguson finished first in this group, with a time of 44.02 seconds, while tight end Bob Slowikowski came in third.

Like Wynn, Suggs finished second in his group - the skill players - with a time of 29.93 (skill players do not have to push the truck as far). Combined with his second-place finish in the stadium run, Suggs has 18 points and stands in second place in the overall competition. Rover Kevin McCadam won the truck push in a time of 27.33 seconds, with fullback Doug Easlick finishing third in 30.29 seconds.

Offensive guard Anthony Nelson paced the linemen, finishing first in the group with a time of 37.12. Tackle Anthony Davis came in second with a time of 39.69, while Beasley finished third in a time of 40.13. Beasley, who finished second in the stadium run, earned eight points for finishing third in the truck push and now has 17 overall.

So the overall competition stands like this - Wynn in first (19 points), followed by Suggs (18), Beasley (17) and Steve DeMasi (15) in fourth. McCadam and linebacker Ben Taylor are tied for fifth with 14 points.

The competition resumes next week with the sumo wrestling event in which two players gather in a circle and try to push each other outside of the ring. The winner advances in the tournament format until one person is left.