Tech Purchases Cutting-Edge System
June 27, 2002

As nutritionist Amy Freel administers the test, former Tech football player Wayne Briggs has his body fat percentage measured in the BOD POD, a state-of-the-art device purchased by the Tech athletics department.
The Virginia Tech Athletics Department is always striving to stay at the forefront of technology, especially when it comes to giving the best for its student-athletes. Virginia Tech is one of few collegiate athletics departments on the cutting edge with performance enhancement, recently purchasing a BOD POD body composition system. The BOD POD is found in many professional training facilities, including in the National Football League and Major League Baseball. The BOD POD accurately assesses body composition, which is an important component for top athletic performance.

The BOD POD uses air displacement to accurately determine an individual's lean body mass and percent of body fat in approximately five minutes. Research has shown than an increase in lean body mass will increase athletic performance. All Virginia Tech athletic teams will benefit from the BOD POD and will have the opportunity to increase their lean muscle mass with individual nutrition education and strength and conditioning workouts.