Wynn repeats as Ironman champ
By Jimmy Robertson
June 28, 2001

Tech tight end Browning Wynn earned only a participation point in the final event of the Ironman competition, but it was enough to allow him to claim his second consecutive Ironman title. Wynn becomes the second two-time winner of the competition, joining former defensive tackle Carl Bradley, who won it in 1997 and 1998. Jim Druckenmiller (1995), Waverly Jackson (1996) and Chad Beasley (1999) are the other winners of the competition.

The rising senior won despite injuring his back near the end of the six-week ordeal. In the final event - the back squat - Wynn recorded just a token lift to earn the participation point. In the back squat, a player maxes out and then a power ratio is determined by dividing the lift by the body weight. The person with the highest ratio wins the event.

Fortunately for Wynn, he had a large enough lead to hold off his competitors. He finished with 40 points, four points ahead of Beasley and tailback Lee Suggs, who each finished with 36. Whip Deon Provitt and center Steve DeMasi finished tied for fourth with 30 points.

Wynn ended up winning three events - the stadium run, the sumo wrestling event, and the tire flip - and notched 30 points for those wins (10 per win). He finished second in the truck push to earn another nine points. Wynn finished first in the tight ends/defensive ends/linebackers and fullbacks group, with defensive end Nathaniel Adibi finishing second with 29 points and tight end Bob Slowikowski finishing third in that group with 28 points.

Beasley finished tops among the linemen, with his 36 points. He won the tire flip, finished second in the stadium run and came in third in both the back squat and truck push. DeMasi came in second among the linemen, while offensive tackle Matt Wincek finished third with 28 points.

As for skill players, Suggs and Provitt led the way, with 36 and 30 points respectively. Suggs won the back squat and finished second in the stadium run and the truck push. Provitt won the sumo event and finished second in the tire flip. Receiver Ernest Wilford finished third with 29 points.

In the back squat event, Anthony Nelson and Kevin Lewis finished tied for first among the linemen. Nelson maxed out at 660 pounds, while Lewis maxed at 575. Both recorded a 2.02 ratio. Lamar Cobb finished first in the back squat among the tight ends/defensive ends/linebackers and fullbacks, with a 575-pound squat and a 2.49 ratio. Suggs led the skill players, with a 575-pound max and a 2.86 ratio.