Vick Continues Fund-Raising Efforts With Tech
Former Hokie QB to auction banners on eBay
July 19, 2001

Links to the eBay auctions:
Press Conference Banner
Draft Party Banner

BLACKSBURG - Beginning Friday, July 27, and continuing for 10 days, the Virginia Tech Licensing Department will be coordinating the auction of two giant-sized collectable sports banners featuring for Hokie quarterback Michael Vick on eBay that are being donated by Octagon Athlete Representation.

The banners were used by Octagon, Vick's agency, and by Virginia Tech Licensing during two media events for the Atlanta Falcon rookie. The banners are an exact reproduction of the limited edition print currently on sale, only these banners are approximately 6 feet by 8 feet, digitally printed on heavy duty vinyl, and were autographed by Vick at each of the events.

One of the banners comes from Vick's press conference at Tech Bookstore announcing the "Vick-products" deal, while the other banner comes from his post-draft day party at the ESPN Zone in New York.

"We hope to sell the two for over $10,000 [$5,000 each in two auctions] since they truly are one of a kind," said Locke White, director of licensing and trademark administration for Virginia Tech. "If anyone collects sports memorabilia, these would be one heck of an addition to their collection."

The banners will be sold separately and they can be seen by going to and searching with "Michael Vick" starting on July 27th.