Hokie was Bob Hope Guest
Tech connection with 'Mr. Entertainment'
July 28, 2003

The following press release is reprinted in it's entirety. Jim Pyne appeared with Bob Hope on Hope's Christmas special in 1993.

With the passing of Mr. Hope we thought you'd like to see a Virginia Tech connection with the great comedian.

Released by Bob Hope News:
December 11, 1993

Ed Marinaro, Jim Pyne, Bob Hope, Lynn Swann
Jim Pyne, Center for Virginia Tech (hometown - Milford, MA) makes his off-the-field television debut with Bob Hope, and football greats, Ed Marinaro and Lynn Swann on Hope's holiday special - "Bob Hope's Bag Full of Christmas memories" - airing December 15, NBC-TV, 8-10 pm.

Pyne is a member of the Associated Press All-America Football Team which is featured annually on Hope's Christmas special. Other guests are Wynonna and Naomi Judd, Joey Lawrence, Loni Anderson and Barbara Eden. Clip memories of Christmas - past include John Wayne, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, Lucille Ball and Bing Crosby, plus fun moments with former AP All-America Football teams.