Noel sits out afternoon practice to give knee a rest
By Jimmy Robertson
August 12, 2002

Tech quarterback Grant Noel spent Monday afternoon watching his teammates from the sideline of the practice field as a precaution to give his left knee a rest. Noel, a redshirt senior, tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee in a practice just a few days before the spring game and elected not to undergo reconstructive surgery, which would have cost him his career.

"There's nothing wrong, nothing the matter," Noel said. "I'm fine. We just been doing a lot of stuff lately and wanted to take the strain off of it.

"I had talked with Mike [Goforth] before the season and he said it wouldn't be a bad idea to sit out a practice or two. I've gotten done what I needed to up to this point. So we decided to do it today."

Noel played in the scrimmage this past Saturday and he also practiced both Sunday and Monday morning. He plans on playing in the team's scrimmage Tuesday afternoon.

Noel's knee hasn't given him any trouble since practiced started. There has been no swelling, and according to him, the knee feels fine.

"To be honest, it feels better the more I'm out here on it," he said.

In other news, Isaac Montgomery, the 6-foot-4, 270-pound defensive tackle who transferred from the University of North Carolina, got all his paperwork finished up and took his physical. He is slated to participate in position meetings Monday evening and then probably start practicing Wednesday. Montgomery, who must sit out this season, will be eligible in 2003 and have two years left to play.