BOV gives approval for expansion
By Jimmy Robertson
August 27, 2003

Tech's Board of Visitors met Aug. 25th in Blacksburg and gave the final approval needed to the athletics department to expand the west side of Lane Stadium. Athletics department officials want construction to begin after this season and they hope to have the project completed in time for the opener of the 2005 season.

The $52.5 million project calls for two towers and a structure that extends from end zone to end zone. It also calls for 23 luxury suites, two stadiums clubs similar to the two in the south end zone, 782 indoor club seats along with upgrading 1,650 existing outdoor seats into 1,600 outdoor club seats. The new complex also will include a new press box, a new ticket office, new offices for the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund, a two-story memorabilia area, a huge area for academic enrichment offices, several bathrooms and a Tech store.

The VTAF will raise $15 million for the project. The athletics department plans to use debt service and a potential $10 million naming rights fee (naming the complex for the person or company contributing the $10 million) to pay for the remainder of the project.

Of the 23 suites, 12 suites (23 seats in each) will be built between the towers, costing the customer $65,000 a piece. Six North-wing suites (19 seats in each) go for $55,000 a piece. Four tower suites (35 seats in each) go for $100,000 a piece. And one suite between the towers (29 seats) will cost $100,000.

As for the club seating, a customer will have to pay $1,500 per seat for the outdoor seats and $2,000 for the indoor seats - excluding the price of a ticket.