Virginia Tech Student-Athlete Eligible for Competition
Derrius Monroe reinstated to the Tech football team
August 28, 2001

BLACKSBURG, Va. - The Virginia Tech Athletics Department announced Tuesday that student-athlete Derrius R. Monroe has been fully reinstated to the Tech football team and is eligible for competition this fall.

Monroe was suspended from the team in January 2000 pending resolution of a criminal charge. Monroe was reinstated to practice on Aug. 17, 2000, but was withheld from competition during the 2000 season and has been subject to continuing conduct and academic reviews.

Monroe, who entered Virginia Tech as a partial qualifier in the fall of 1997, has earned a fourth season of competition from the NCAA after completing all of his degree requirements at Tech. NCAA rules prohibit a partial qualifier from competition their freshman year and initially permit only three seasons of competition. A partial qualifier may regain a fourth season by completing all of their degree requirements by the beginning of their fifth academic year following initial enrollment.

All criminal charges against Monroe have been dismissed.