Beginning of two-a-days goes smoothly for Tech
By Jimmy Robertson
August 5, 2002

The start of two-a-days began for the Hokies and despite the heat - which reached the mid-90s in Blacksburg - things went a little more smoothly Monday.

The offense still struggled with some false starts, but the passing game looked sharper as the receivers become more in tune with the quarterbacks. In particular, Richard Johnson and freshmen Fred Lee made several nice catches.

The only negative of the day was a shoulder injury suffered by receiver Chris Shreve during the second practice. Shreve, a walk-on from Mouth of Wilson, Va., jumped up to make a catch during a one-on-one drill against Tech's secondary and landed on the back of his left shoulder. The sports medicine staff believes Shreve suffered only a bruised shoulder, but they plan on checking it out in more detail later Monday evening.

As for other injuries, both Jim Davis and Noland Burchette (hamstring), two defensive ends, dressed in blue and saw little work. Freshman Jonathan Lewis, who dressed in blue Sunday because of a sore hamstring, practiced Monday at full speed.

The sports medicine staff took good care of the Hokies despite the 90-degree temperatures (the heat index push that into the upper 90s in the afternoon session). Trainers were at every station with water and Gatorade, which was available at any time during a drill.

Additionally, the staff monitored the heat index on the field and reported it to Tech's team physicians and to nutritionist Amy Freel. They also weighed each player before and after practice to calculate the percentage of weight loss. The staff red-flagged any player who lost between 3-5 percent of his body weight and they made sure each player had Gatorade or water. No player was allowed into a meeting room before or after practice without a water or Gatorade bottle in hand.

Also, three small above-ground swimming pools were purchased from Wal-Mart and placed under canopies adjacent to the practice field. After each practice, the staff dumped large blocks of ice into the pools and the players cooled off.

The staff reported no problems with the heat and expect none as temperatures are supposed to drop into the 80s on Tuesday.

Tech continues practice on Tuesday, starting at 3:15 p.m. The Hokies only practice once on Tuesday before resuming two-a-days on Wednesday.