Television Coverage For Rutgers Football Game Announced
September 17, 2001

Here is the list of the stations which will make up this weekend's Virginia Tech/Rutgers football game...

WWOR (UPN) New York
WCVB (ABC) Boston, MA
WPHL (WB) Philadelphia
AT&T33, Atlanta
WFOR (ABC) Tampa-St. Petersburg
WRBW (UPN) Orlando
WTAE (ABC) Pittsburgh
WDNI (IND) Indianapolis
WPXV (PAX) Norfolk
WXIV (IND) Greenville, NC
WHP (CBS) Harrisburg
WNGS (UPN) Buffalo
WPXQ (PAX) Providence, RI
WSWB (WB) Wilkes-Barre, PA
Time Warner Cable, Albany, NY
WRIC (ABC) Richmond
WWRD (IND) Dayton
WINK (CBS) Ft Myers, FL
WNYS (WB) Syracuse
WBVT (UPN) Burlington, VT-Plattsburgh, NY
WAPK (UPN) Tri-Cities, TN
WCGT (IND) Columbus, GA
WVAG (UPN) Albany, GA
WVSX (FOX) Bluefield, WV
WTRF (CBS) Wheeling, WV
WRWB (WB) Rochester, NY
WBPN (UPN) Binghamton, NY
WVFX (FOX) Clarksburg, WV
WPNY (UPN) Utica, NY
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