Virginia Tech Identifies Counterfeit Football Tickets
September 25, 2002

As released by University Relations

The Virginia Tech Police Department and the Athletics Department have identified several instances in which counterfeit tickets were used to gain admission to the Marshall football game at Lane Stadium.

Lane Stadium officials became aware of the fraudulent game tickets at the September 12 contest when unsuspecting holders of the bogus tickets attempted to access seat locations already held by legitimate ticket holders.

Approximately 30 tickets in all were found to be forged. The tickets appear to have been reproduced through a color copy printer and later sold outside of the stadium on the day of the game.

While there is no indication that the forgery is widespread, Virginia Tech Police Department is investigating. Police Chief Deborah Duncan stated that they are "pursuing numerous leads we already have and intend to prosecute the culprits to the fullest extent of the law."

Lane Stadium officials will increase scrutiny of tickets presented for admission at all of its remaining home games, as well as to implement new screening procedures upon entrance to the Stadium.

Fans who purchase or acquire tickets from third parties or outlets other than the Virginia Tech Athletics Ticket Office are reminded to be extra cautious concerning the authenticity of their game tickets. Individuals found to be in possession of forged tickets will be removed from or denied access to the Stadium.