Military flyover scheduled for Tech-WMU game
September 7, 2001

Before Saturday's football game against Western Michigan, a few Hokies will really be making some loud noise in Lane Stadium.

Barring weather or operational factors, the 4th Fighter Wing, from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C., will conduct a military aircraft flyover during the National Anthem. Seven of the 10 airmen involved are graduates of Virginia Tech.

Four F-15Es of the 333rd Fighter Squadron, 4th Fighter Wing will fly over Worsham Field to celebrate Hokie football and commemorate the annual reunion of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. Considered to be the most advanced operational fighter in the world, the two-seat F-15E is an all-purpose combat aircraft tasked with the Air Superiority and ground attack missions.

The participants are:
Lead Aircraft:
Major Gary Lookabaugh, Class of '82
Major Craig Hunnicutt, Class of '88

Aircraft No. 2:
Colonel Dave Russell, Delta Company, Class of '78
Lieutenant Matt Watson

Aircraft No. 3:
Major Eddie Lombard, Class of '93
Captain Chris Foulk, Charlie Company, Class of '97

Aircraft No. 4:
Captain Brannon Kerr
Lieutenant Colonel Tom Donalds, Highty Tighty, Class of '84

Support Team:
Major Scott Rowland, Golf Squadron, Class of '85
Technical Sergeant Pierre Miles