Tech-LSU Football Game to be Played in 2007
October 13, 2003

BLACKSBURG - The Virginia Tech-LSU football game that was scheduled for the 2004 season opener has been moved to 2007, as announced Monday afternoon by both schools.

The move was necessitated when ESPN and Virginia Tech were unable to reach an agreement to schedule a Black Coaches Association (BCA) Classic game for Tech in 2004.

In 2002, when LSU traveled to Virginia Tech, the Tigers were able to play seven home games because the NCAA allowed an additional game on the schedule in that particular year. In 2004, the NCAA will allow teams to play only 11 games, which means Virginia Tech would have had only six home games if it played at Baton Rouge. But ESPN had agreed to schedule a BCA Classic game for the Hokies, which by NCAA rules can be played in addition to the 11-game schedule.

Virginia Tech could have executed the $250,000 buyout in the contract, but instead a move to 2007 was negotiated. After it was clear that Virginia Tech could not play LSU in 2004, the next available playing date for both schools was the 2007 season.

As part of the arrangement to play in 2007, Virginia Tech has agreed to an elevated buyout clause of $350,000.

Virginia Tech Director of Athletics Jim Weaver said the search for a new home opponent for the 2004 season will begin immediately.