Team Awards Handed Out
Gator Bites
December 30, 2001

JACKSONVILLE - The 2001 Virginia Tech football awards were handed out Sunday night at a team banquet to recap Tech's 8-3 season. The banquet, held in the Garden Terrace tent outside the Sawgrass Marriott, was hosted by Bill Roth, the Voice of the Hokies, and WDBJ-7's Mike Stevens.

The team, as well as invited guests, enjoyed a buffet dinner, the premier of the highlight video, "Keep On Rolling", a video tribute to Tech's 22 seniors and the announcing of the 2001 awards.

Below is the list of the winners of this year's awards. The player position awards and MVP were voted on by the team members. If the outcome was within five votes, a tie was awarded.

Chain Gang
Offensive players who graded out with a winning percentage in at least eight of the Hokies' 11 games:
Keith Burnell
André Davis
Anthony Davis
Steve DeMasi
Jarrett Ferguson
Jake Grove
Kevin Jones
Emmett Johnson
Bob Slowikowski
Matt Wincek
Browning Wynn

Defensive Top Point Getters:
Defensive Lineman David Pugh
Linebacker Ben Taylor
Defensive Back Kevin McCadam

Sledgehammer Defensive Big Hit of the Year:
Ben Taylor

Outstanding Defensive Lineman:
David Pugh

Outstanding Linebacker:
Ben Taylor

Outstanding Defensive Back:
Kevin McCadam
Willie Pile
Ronyell Whitaker

Master Link Offensive Big Hit of the Year:
Wayne Briggs

Outstanding Offensive Lineman:
Steve DeMasi
Matt Wincek

Outstanding Receiver:
André Davis

Outstanding Offensive Back:
Jarrett Ferguson

Big Kahuna Special Teams Hit of the Year:
Wayne Ward

Outstanding Specialist:
Wayne Ward

Lawrence R. White Award:
For the most outstanding strength and conditioning athlete
Larry Austin

Wes Worsham Award:
For the player who exceeds expectations and surprises everyone with his performance
Dan Wilkinson

John William Schneider Award:
For the player who excels in athletics, academics and leadership
Bob Slowikowski

Paul Torgersen Award:
For the player who shows a commitment to hard work and great effort every time he takes the field
Jake Houseright

Williams-Moss Award:
For the player who demonstrates the highest quality of leadership and character and the greatest moral influence on his teammates
Jarrett Ferguson

Paul Frederick Cobb Award:
For the player who shows the most enthusiasm and contributed the most to team spirit
Brian Welch

Outstanding Senior:
Browning Wynn

Edward Ferrell Award:
For the player who best exemplifies hard work and unselfishness
Chad Beasley

2001 Virginia Tech Football Captains:
Chad Beasley
André Davis
Jarrett Ferguson
Ben Taylor

2001 Virginia Tech Football Most Valuable Player:
Ben Taylor

Sunday night will be a quiet one for the team as they get closer to game day. Team curfew for both Sunday night and New Year's Eve is 11 p.m. The team will attend the Hall of Fame Luncheon on Monday at the Adam's Mark Hotel, followed by a Virginia Tech pep rally and a walk-through at Alltel Stadium. Despite being New Year's Eve, Monday night will be like a normal night before a game, filled with team and position meetings and an early bed time.