Hokie Football Outlook, Part IV
Running Backs and Quarterbacks
July 20, 2005

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  • Marcus Vick returns after missing all of the 2004 season. He was elevated to the No. 1 spot following spring practice.

  • Four talented tailbacks will battle for playing time. Returners Mike Imoh and Cedric Humes combined to rush for 1,411 yards and score 11 touchdowns a year ago.

  • George Bell and Branden Ore are a pair of redshirt freshmen who made a lot of noise this past spring and have put themselves in a position to see playing time.

37Jesse Allenr-Jr.FB
34George Bellr-Fr.TB
44John CandelasSr.TB
7Sean GlennonSo.QB
Billy GorhamSo.FB
12Cory Holtr-Fr.QB
32Cedric Humesr-Sr.TB
20Mike ImohSr.TB
28Branden Orer-Fr.TB
14Grant Throckmortonr-So.QB
5Marcus Vickr-Jr.QB
39Carlton Weatherfordr-So.FB
8Greg BooneFr.QB
45Kenny JeffersonFr.FB
38Elan LewisFr.TB
3Ike WhitakerFr.QB
The Players
MIKE IMOH - Enters the fall as the co-No. 1 tailback with Humes ... Started nine games last year, rushing for 780 yards and six scores ... A small back who is deceptively quick and strong.

CEDRIC HUMES - Finished the season strong after starting slow ... Rushed for 631 yards and five scores ... Fully recovered, both mentally and physically, from the broken leg he suffered in the spring of 2004.

BRANDEN ORE - Enters the fall as the co-No. 2 with George Bell ... Has great quickness and speed ... Made some big plays this spring and has gotten better.

GEORGE BELL - Fully recovered from knee injury suffered in high school ... Pain free for the first time in years ... A big, strong and tough kid who is punishing when he runs the football ... Has become a really good blocker.

JESSE ALLEN - Enters the fall as the No. 1 man, but will have to fight to keep the spot ... Had another record-breaking offseason in the weight room ... Earned a scholarship this past spring.

CARLTON WEATHERFORD - A walk-on who gives great effort all the time ... Will battle for playing time ... Comes after you every chance he gets ... Catches the ball well coming out of the backfield.

MARCUS VICK - Returns to the field after a troubled 2004 ... Enters the fall as the No. 1 man at quarterback ... Has never started a college game, but still has everyone excited ... Last action was the 2003 Insight Bowl, where he caught a touchdown pass as a receiver ... Threw for 475 yards, two scores and five interceptions as a freshman ... Still must work to gain the trust of his teammates and coaches.

SEAN GLENNON - Enters as the No. 2 man, but will still push for playing time ... Is bigger, stronger, faster and has improved on his mechanics ... Has to make more plays in the passing game such as throwing the ball accurately and making plays when they are there to be made ... Threw for 137 yards and two scores last year.

CORY HOLT - Was sidelined for much of the spring with an injury ... A talented player who has coaches excited to watch his progress.

Coach Hite on the Running Backs
"Honestly, I feel good about our tailback spot. Those four guys can all play. I am very lucky to have four guys like that at this position. I realize that you better have that many with the way we play our game. Going into fall practice, there is still competition going on. I am going to play the best one.

"I also feel good about both of my guys at fullback. This spring, both of them became physical fullbacks. They attack people every rep they're in there. They knew they were going to have limited reps this spring because that is the way our offense is right now. I was really pleased with both of them in the way they performed."
Coach Rogers on the Quarterbacks
"Marcus Vick pure and simple made plays. It is black and white. In our five graded scrimmages, in terms of completion percentage, yardage gained, interceptions thrown and touchdown passes that were significant, Marcus had better numbers. Marcus is our No. 1 heading into preseason, but I need all of the guys to have great summers. I want them to really establish themselves in the weight room with Coach Gentry. I want them to develop a leadership mentality and step up front in drills."
Hite on His Newcomers
"I don't have a problem playing a freshman at all of my positions. If Elan Lewis comes in and he is first, second or third, he will obviously see some action next year. If he is not competing with those guys then there is a possibility of redshirting him. Kenny Jefferson was a fullback and an outstanding wrestler. I have had so much success with fullbacks who have been wrestlers because they understand leverage and body control. I can see him fitting in our plans next year. I think he can compete with the guys we have there right now."

Rogers on His Newcomers
"We have every intent on redshirting both Greg Boone and Ike Whitaker and I think that is what they expect. In terms of an objective evaluation, I can't think of any school in the country with two better incoming freshmen than we have."