The ACC's Instant Replay at a Glance
September 6, 2005

Objective: To allow for specific types of officiating calls to be immediately reviewed & corrected.

Principles: There must be INDISPUTABLE VIDEO EVIDENCE for any on-the-field call to be changed. In addition, a review must have a direct, competitive effect on the game, such as a change of possession, scoring play, etc.

The ACC will be using instant replay in all conference games. It is also the intent to use instant replay for all non-conference home games, pending prior approval by the visiting team.

Reviewable Plays:
  1. Plays governed by sideline, goal line and end line:
    1. Scoring plays, including a runner breaking the plane of the goal line.
    2. Pass complete/incomplete/intercepted at sideline, goal line and end line.
    3. Runner/receiver in or out of bounds.
    4. Recovery of loose ball in bounds.

  2. Passing Plays:
    1. Pass ruled complete/incomplete/intercepted in the field of play and end zones.
    2. Touching of a forward pass by an ineligible receiver.
    3. Touching of a forward pass by a defensive player.
    4. Quarterback (passer) forward pass or fumble (if ruled incomplete, the play is finalized).
    5. Illegal forward pass or illegal handing beyond the line of scrimmage.
    6. Illegal forward pass or illegal handing after change of possession.
    7. Forward or backward pass thrown from behind the line of scrimmage.

  3. Other detectable infractions:
    1. Runner ruled not down.
    2. Forward progress errors with respect to first down.
    3. Touching of a kick.
    4. Number of players on field.
    5. Clock adjustments.
    6. Fourth-down/try fumble plays.

Not Reviewable Plays:
  1. Holding.
  2. Offside/encroachment.
  3. Pass interference.
  4. Personal fouls (e.g., late hits).
  5. Illegal blocks.
  6. Illegal formations.
  7. Face mask.
  8. Taunting/excessive celebration.
  9. False starts.
  10. Roughing the passer/kicker.
  11. Fighting participants.

The ACC Instant Replay is NOT the NFL Model
The coaches or officials on the field may ask for a review.NOYES
A review can only be triggered by the Technical Advisor from the press box.YESNO
There is a limit to the number of plays that can be reviewed.NOYES
Time-outs may be charged to teams based on the outcome of a review.NOYES
The status of a game clock can be reviewed.YESNO