ESPNU to Present Entire Tech-Miami Game From SkyCam
Complement to ESPN's traditional coverage will offer unprecedented showcase of aerial view
October 24, 2005

In a sports television first, ESPNU, the 24-hour college sports network, will offer the Miami at Virginia Tech college football game primarily from the "SkyCam" angle on Saturday, Nov. 5 at 7:45 p.m. ET. The unique telecast will be a supplement to ESPN's traditional coverage of the game.

While the live play action will be presented on ESPNU from "SkyCam's" overhead angle, the network will switch to ESPN's game feed periodically for replays, statistics, cut-ins and analysis. Both networks will utilize the commentator team of Ron Franklin, Bob Davie and Holly Rowe.

"SkyCam" operates on a series of wires above the playing field and is able to go from end line to end line, sideline to sideline, and as high as 40 feet. The unmanned, remote-controlled camera, can move 30 mph in order to get into position, generally "behind the ball" so as to not interfere with play. "SkyCam" technology was first utilized by ESPN in 2001 during an NFL pre-season telecast and is now featured regularly on ESPN's college football telecasts among other sports.

Other illustrations of unique ESPNU presentations for major events have included the 2005 NFL and NBA Drafts. ESPNU: NFL Draft Inside-Out and ESPNU: NBA Draft Inside-Out each mirrored ESPN and ESPN2 telecasts, but focused on the Drafts from the college perspective.

"The use of SkyCam on ESPNU will be revolutionary for television programming and an extraordinary service for college sports fans," said Burke Magnus, vice president and general manager, ESPNU. "This is another example of how ESPNU can augment coverage of a big event by utilizing a new perspective."