Lane Stadium Recognized Among College Football's Most Hallowed Shrines
Hokies' home field featured in new book
November 1, 2005

What makes a College Football stadium come alive? Sporting News Books answers that question with their most recent release, SATURDAY SHRINES: College Football's Most Hallowed Grounds, which explores the very core of all that is the "religion" of college football, The Stadium. Each stadium is defined by the magic moments that give it its own unique, unforgettable personality.

For SATURDAY SHRINES, Sporting News, the most respected sports-information source for the past 119 years, asked their football experts to select the 40 best stadiums in which to experience college football. SATURDAY SHRINES brings the best college football stadiums in the country to life by detailing the setting, the structure, the fans, the mascots, the magnitude of the games played, the marching bands, the traditions - everything that makes watching a college football game a spine tingling experience. By the way, making the selections wasn't easy. That's why there are 15 other stadiums - plus six that are gone but won't be forgotten - added onto the tour.

The following schools are featured: Alabama, Arizona State, Arkansas, Army, Auburn, Brigham Young, California, Clemson, Colorado, Cotton Bowl, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Harvard, Illinois, Iowa, Legion Field, Louisiana State, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn State, Pennsylvania, Purdue, Rose Bowl, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, USC, Virginia Tech, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Yale.

The reader will take a journey like no other, you will feel hearts pounding, hear the roar of the crowd and smell the grills cooking away in the parking lots, with the turn of each page. The section "101 Things That Make a Stadium Special" will give the reader a new appreciation for the little things like "cheap seats," hot dogs, team anthems and synchronized hand movements that put "the wave" to shame.

Keith Jackson, the legendary college football commentator, penned the foreword for SATURDAY SHRINES and makes a simple yet poignant statement regarding the awe that is a college football stadium, "Memorable things have happened at all of the stadiums covered here - things that have grown beyond being just stories and into legends. And legends are entitled to have a proper home."


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Sporting News Books present: SATURDAY SHRINES College Footballs Most Hallowed Grounds Forward by Keith Jackson Pub Date: August 22, 2005 Price: $24.95; Hardcover

Saturday Shrines will offer numerous regional cover options featuring SEC/ACC stadiums, Big Ten stadiums, Big 12 stadiums and Pacific-10 stadiums.