Nine Tech players go in weekend's NFL Draft
By Jimmy Robertson
May 1, 2006

  Tech players drafted under Beamer
2006 (9)
Jimmy Williams, second round (37th overall), Atlanta
Darryl Tapp, second round (31st overall), Seattle
James Anderson, third round (88th overall), Carolina
Jeff King, fifth round (155th overall), Carolina
Jonathan Lewis, sixth round (177th overall), Arizona
Justin Hamilton, seventh round (222nd overall), Cleveland
Jimmy Martin, seventh round (227th overall), San Diego
Will Montgomery, seventh round (234th overall), Carolina
Cedric Humes, seventh round (240th overall), Pittsburgh

2005 (3)
Eric Green, third round (75th overall), Arizona
Vincent Fuller, fourth round (108th overall), Tennessee
Jon Dunn, seventh round (217th overall), Cleveland

2004 (5)
DeAngelo Hall, first round (eighth overall), Atlanta
Kevin Jones, first round (30th overall), Detroit
Jake Grove, second round, (45th overall), Oakland
Ernest Wilford, fourth round (120th overall), Jacksonville
Nathaniel Adibi, fifth round (145th overall), Pittsburgh

2003 (2)
Lee Suggs, fourth round (115th overall), Cleveland
Willie Pile, seventh round (252nd overall), Kansas City

2002 (8)
André Davis, second round (47th overall), Cleveland
Ben Taylor, fourth round (111th overall), Cleveland
Kevin McCadam, fifth round (148th overall), Atlanta
David Pugh, sixth round, (182nd overall), Indianapolis
Bob Slowikowski, sixth round (211th overall), Dallas
Chad Beasley, seventh round (218th overall), Minnesota
Derrius Monroe, seventh round (224th overall), New Orleans
Jarrett Ferguson, seventh round (251st overall), Buffalo

2001 (3)
Michael Vick, first round (1st pick), Atlanta
Cory Bird, third round (91st overall), Indianapolis
Matt Lehr, fifth round (137th overall), Dallas

2000 (5)
John Engelberger, second round (35th overall), San Francisco
Ike Charlton, second round (52nd overall), Seattle
Corey Moore, third round (89th overall), Buffalo
Anthony Midget, fifth round (134th overall), Atlanta
Shyrone Stith, seventh round (243rd overall), Jacksonville

1999 (2)
Pierson Prioleau, fourth round, San Francisco
Derek Smith, fifth round, Washington

1998 (4)
Todd Washington, fourth round, Tampa Bay
Gennaro DiNapoli, fourth round, Oakland
Ken Oxendine, seventh round, Atlanta
Marcus Parker, seventh round, Cincinnati

1997 (4)
Jim Druckenmiller, first round, San Francisco
Torrian Gray, second round, Minnesota
Antonio Banks, fourth round, Minnesota
Cornell Brown, sixth round, Baltimore

1996 (2)
Bryan Still, second round, San Diego
J.C. Price, third round, Carolina

1995 (2)
Antonio Freeman, third round, Green Bay
Ken Brown, fourth round, Denver

1994 (3)
Tyronne Drakeford, second round, San Francisco
John Burke, fourth round, New England
Jim Pyne, seventh round, Tampa Bay

1992 (5)
Eugene Chung, first round, New England
Will Furrer, fourth round, Chicago
Damien Russell, sixth round, San Francisco
William Boatwright, seventh round, Philadelphia
John Granby, 12th round, Denver

1991 (1)
Al Chamblee, 12th round, Tampa Bay

1990 (2)
Roger Brown, eighth round, Green Bay
Jock Jones, eighth round, Cleveland

1988 (3)
Steve Johnson, sixth round, New England
Victor Jones, 12th round, Tampa Bay
Carter Wiley, 12th round, Atlanta

1987 (2)
Curtis Taliaferro, eighth round, Atlanta
Eddie Hunter, eighth round, N.Y. Jets
It was a banner weekend for Virginia Tech's football program as nine seniors who concluded their eligibility this past season were drafted by NFL teams at the league's annual NFL Draft held Saturday and Sunday in New York City.

That number marks the most Tech players ever drafted in an NFL Draft. In 2002, eight players went, including standouts such as André Davis, Ben Taylor, Chad Beasley and Jarrett Ferguson.

Jimmy Williams, the defensive back from Hampton, Va., headlined the Tech contingent as the top Hokie selected, going in the second round to the Atlanta Falcons, who chose him with the 37th overall pick. Williams finished this past season with 44 tackles and one interception.

Williams will be joining several former Tech players in Atlanta, including cornerback DeAngelo Hall. Williams' selection marked the eighth straight year in which a Tech defensive back has been drafted in the NFL Draft.

Darryl Tapp, a defensive end from Chesapeake, Va., followed Williams, going in the second round to the Seattle Seahawks, who took him with the 63rd overall selection. Tapp - like Williams, a first-team All-ACC selection and an All-American - adds depth to Seattle's defensive line and will compete for a starting job one season after he finished with 10 sacks, 35 hurries, and 14.5 tackles for a loss for the Hokies. He led the team in all three categories.

"I'm excited just to have the opportunity to continue playing," Tapp said. "I had no idea Seattle would take me. I talked to them at the Senior Bowl, but I hadn't really heard from them since then. They caught me by surprise, but I'm happy. It's great to be going to a team that played in the Super Bowl last year."

Tapp's teammate and roommate at Tech, James Anderson, went on the first day as well. The Carolina Panthers selected Anderson in the third round with the 88th overall pick. Anderson finished second on the team with 82 tackles this past season, adding three sacks and two interceptions. He figures to contend for the starting spot at weakside linebacker.

"It's a great situation for me," Anderson said. "Carolina is a great organization and I have an opportunity to come in and compete for playing time right away. It's close to home. I couldn't ask for a better situation."

Jeff King, the tight end from Pulaski, Va., will be joining Anderson in Charlotte. The Panthers selected King in the fifth round with the 155th overall selection. King caught a team-leading six touchdown passes this past fall.

Jonathan Lewis, the Hokies' starting defensive tackle this past autumn, went to the Arizona Cardinals, who chose him in the sixth round, with the 177th overall pick. Then four Hokies went in the seventh round - Justin Hamilton (Cleveland, 222nd overall), Jimmy Martin (San Diego, 227th overall), Will Montgomery (Carolina, 234th overall) and Cedric Humes (Pittsburgh, 240th overall).

Two other players signed free-agent deals Monday with respective NFL teams. Jason Murphy, an offensive guard, signed as a free agent with the San Diego Chargers, while defensive lineman Tim Sandidge signed with the St. Louis Rams.

After this weekend, Tech head coach Frank Beamer now has seen 65 of his players drafted by NFL teams since he became the head coach at Tech in 1987.