Render, Ellis to miss spring practice
Both underwent surgery Thursday
January 11, 2007

BLACKSBURG - Both Chris Ellis and Sergio Render of the Virginia Tech football team underwent previously scheduled surgeries Thursday, but both turned out to be a little worse than expected. The surgeries were expected to be simple procedures, but both will now miss spring practice due to the extent of their injuries, according to head athletic trainer Mike Goforth.

Ellis, a rising senior defensive end, underwent surgery on his shoulder. Once in the operating room, it was discovered he had a torn labrum, an injury similar to what tailback Branden Ore had last spring.

Render, a rising sophomore offensive guard, had surgery on his knee. Goforth said doctors trimmed some cartilage in his knee, but had to work on another set of cartilage in that knee.

"Both of these injuries were a little bit of a surprise to us," Goforth said. "They both will recover fully and in plenty of time for fall practice, they just will not be able to participate in spring ball."