Tyrod Taylor injury update
October 21, 2007

Virginia Tech head athletic trainer Mike Goforth:
"We thought Tyrod was progressing quicker than expected, so we actually went ahead and took the cast off on Thursday. He's been jogging in the underwater treadmill and is progressing very quickly through his rehab to the point we felt we like we could put him out here in blue (limited work). He has a little bit of a soft cast on today around the brace for added stability, which is limiting his mobility, but it's strictly precautionary and he would not have to play in that. I'm cautiously optimistic about his chances of playing Thursday. I think he's doing great."

Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor:
"I'm concentrating on getting ready for the game Thursday night. I need to give my full attention to that. I'll have no further comment until after the game."