June 4, 2015
Virginia Tech's 'Twenty4You' Plan Includes Rhino Sports & Entertainment Services
Become Part of Hokies' Gameday Team - Job Fairs in Blacksburg, Roanoke on June 6

BLACKSBURG – The Virginia Tech Athletics Department is launching a customer service initiative entitled “Twenty4You” for the 2015 football season. This 24-point plan to improve the gameday experience at Lane Stadium was developed after listening to fan feedback and will include human resources, as well as other support provided by Rhino Sports & Entertainment Services.

While this partnership with Rhino signals good news for Hokies’ fans, it will also provide part-time employment opportunities for approximately 1,000 individuals from Blacksburg, Roanoke and surrounding areas in southwest Virginia.

On Saturday, June 6, a job fair and “quick interview” session will be conducted at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg on the third floor of the South End Zone. Interested applicants should arrive between 9 a.m. and noon. In addition, Rhino will hold a second job fair on June 6 from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Roanoke.

In addition to working with Virginia Tech at Lane Stadium, Rhino will also assist the Hokies with events at Cassell Coliseum and other Virginia Tech Athletics venues throughout the year.

“Hiring from the communities that we serve is a priority for us,” Rhino owner Billy D. Prim said. “We want to provide employment opportunities in the local areas that are so important to our partners. Our customer service training not only benefits our clients like Virginia Tech Athletics, but also is a valuable tool for our employees to use in their full-time jobs. Rhino staff will be seamlessly integrated into the game day experience and proudly say, ‘Go Hokies’ alongside other fans.”

Prim said that Rhino will provide a number of hiring opportunities this summer.

Applicants also may contact the Rhino hiring headquarters by sending an email to employmentVT@rhino-ses.com or by calling 540-784-1955.

Rhino has received numerous honors from Ephus 21, which is the industry leader for measuring the effectiveness of collegiate athletic programs’ game day experience. Ephus 21 determines fan experience at many FBS programs across the country, including Florida, Notre Dame, Texas, Wake Forest, and now, Virginia Tech.

Rhino’s past and current awards from Ephus 21 include the “Usher Team” award for the best group of ushers among the programs evaluated. Other group awards include the top-rated exit ushers and guest services. Rhino’s individual awards include the “Overall Individual Effort” honor in parking, the “Inside Stadium” and the “Best Exit Usher” individual awards within the guest services category.

Rhino team member Don Johnson, who works in Winston-Salem, helped Rhino claim the most recent honor by taking home the overall “Most Valuable Player” award within the ushering department. “My goal for each and every game is to make the fan experience the very best that it can be,” Johnson said. “I love my job and look forward to the handshakes and smiling faces that greet us at games and other events.”

“We are thrilled to receive these awards from an organization as well respected as Ephus 21,” Rhino vice president of operations Brett Hickman said. “Now, we are excited to extend this level of unsurpassed customer service to our new partners at Virginia Tech. Our vision is to create an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends a Hokies’ game.”

“These awards have set the bar high,” Hickman added. “We have unique recruiting, training, and team-building methods which create a great experience for our staff and, ultimately, for our clients. I look forward to meeting people from the Blacksburg and Roanoke areas at our upcoming job fairs on June 6.”

About Rhino
Rhino Sports & Entertainment Services offers a wide range of event management services for sports and entertainment facilities, including ticket takers, ushers, parking, gate attendants, security staff, and general game-day operations. Rhino offers event management services to a wide range of universities, municipalities, and other organizations. Based in Winston-Salem, Rhino is an organization widely known and respected for providing a superior customer service experience. For more information, please visit rhino-ses.com.

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