We're Thankful For Football Moms

Editor’s Note: Originally published on footballmatters.org http://bit.ly/VTmomX3 - reprinted with permission. Felecia Veal-Edmunds has sent three sons to Virginia Tech and she poignantly shared her thoughts on what it means to be a football mom.

Being a football mom means the world to me!

I have three sons who currently play NCAA Division I football. My oldest son Ferrell “Trey” Edmunds is Running Back for the University of Maryland. Prior to attending the University of Maryland Trey attended and played three years of football for Virginia Tech. My middle son, FeDerius “Terrell” Edmunds is Rover for Virginia Tech, and my youngest son Fe’Zahn “Tremaine” Edmunds is Linebacker for Virginia Tech.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not inspired by the dedication, determination, tenacity, enthusiasm, and motivation demonstrated by my boys. I am filled with a sense of pride whether they are at practice, at a game, conversing with one another, or simply looking at a football game together on television.

Football runs deep in the Edmunds family, I was captain of the Varsity Football cheerleaders in high school and my husband played professional football in the NFL– Miami Dolphins and the Seattle Seahawks.

Football has benefited our family in so many ways. My sons have had an avenue to develop into hard working, disciplined, and strategic young men. They have also had a platform to give back to and inspire younger athletes. The boys have been able to work with athletes to encourage them to do their best in school, to demonstrate good character, to aim high even when it is the exception and not the rule, and to ultimately be the very best that they can be!

Above all, being a football mom has allowed me to be an integral part of my sons’ lives as they develop into young men. I have the opportunity to intervene and interject life’s little lessons about how to be strong when you face adversity, and believe me we have faced adversity on multiple occasions. I have been able to teach my sons that they can pick up the pieces, and the sun will come out again the next day. You have only failed when you cease to rise again! It allows me to share a testimony to show that God is in control and that he produces miracles every day! In my life as a football mom, I have been able to teach my sons to be strong through my actions.

I love being a football mom and I love that my favorite football players call me MOM.

​– Felecia Veal-Edmunds

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