Five questions with Greg Stroman

Editor’s note: Throughout fall camp we’ll periodically catch up with student-athletes, coaches and other Hokies for five questions.

Q: If you could be any animal what would it be and why that particular animal?

STROMAN: “Probably a lion, I think a lion is very courageous and that’s something that I would like to take from that. They’re just king of the jungle. They’re very agile, just a freak of nature. I like that.”

Q: What is the thing that you like most about training, what drives you to do it?

STROMAN: “Seeing the progression, just watching myself get better. I would just say my love for the game, just wanting to help my team. Just wanting to be a part of something special and trying to go win a championship, and also doing it for my family back home.”

Q: Are there any NFL defensive backs that you like to model your game around if so why?

STROMAN: “My brother Kendall Fuller, and just his preparation for the game. We both kinda got that from our former DBs coach Torrian Gray but I’ve actually seen him as a player do it. Prep for a game like Chuck Clark, those guys they’re just very into their film and knowing what’s coming before it happens.”

Q: What’s your favorite meal to get when you’re back home?

STROMAN: “A chicken bacon wrap, made by my mother. It’s just baked chicken wrapped with bacon. I don’t know why it’s so special; it’s just something about her and how she makes it.”

Q: What are you best known for?

STROMAN: “Always ready to go, always happy. Always just showing out with great enthusiasm and being ready.

Q: How do you keep up that enthusiasm?

STROMAN: “There’s just a bunch of things that you can find to be down about. I just feel like it was something that I was almost just born with. I just wake up. Just find something good, find the positives in life and just go with it.”

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