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TEST: This is a test of the Virginia Tech Alerts system. Thank you for your participation.
TEST: This is a test of the Virginia Tech Alerts system. Thank you for your participation.
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    Virginia Tech Football Records

    Various records set under Head Coach Frank Beamer during his tenure

    Includes bowl games


    100-Yard+ Rushers
    1987Jon Jeffries128vs. Navy
    1987Jon Jeffries129vs. East Carolina
    1987Ralph Brown110at Tulane
    1987Jon Jeffries160vs. Cincinnati
    1988Jon Jeffries101vs. East Carolina
    1988Ralph Brown125at Cincinnati
    1989Tony Kennedy114at East Carolina
    1989Vaughn Hebron135at East Carolina
    1989Vaughn Hebron118vs. Tulane
    1990Vaughn Hebron165vs. Bowling Green
    1990Vaughn Hebron142vs. Virginia
    1991Tony Kennedy104at West Virginia
    1991Vaughn Hebron105vs. Cincinnati
    1991Tony Kennedy114vs. Akron
    1991Phil Bryant120vs. Akron
    1991Tony Kennedy133vs. East Carolina
    1992Vaughn Hebron128at East Carolina
    1992Vaughn Hebron143vs. Virginia
    1993Dwayne Thomas170at Pittsburgh
    1993Tommy Edwards144vs. Maryland
    1993Dwayne Thomas152vs. Temple
    1993Dwayne Thomas130vs. Rutgers
    1993Dwayne Thomas163vs. Syracuse
    1994Dwayne Thomas123at Southern Miss
    1994Dwayne Thomas172vs. Rutgers
    1994Dwayne Thomas102vs. Tennessee (Gainesville, FL)
    1995Dwayne Thomas165vs. Miami
    1995Al Clark120vs. Akron
    1995Ken Oxendine135vs. Akron
    1995Ken Oxendine118vs. Syracuse
    1996Shyrone Stith119at Akron
    1996Ken Oxendine163vs. Temple
    1996Ken Oxendine111vs. Pittsburgh
    1996Ken Oxendine140vs. Louisiana-Lafayette
    1996Marcus Parker117vs. East Carolina
    1996Ken Oxendine104vs. West Virginia
    1996Ken Oxendine150at Nebraska
    1997Al Clark119at Rutgers
    1997Marcus Parker104at Rutgers
    1997Ken Oxendine104vs. Syracuse
    1997Ken Oxendine160at Temple
    1997Ken Oxendine105vs. Miami University
    1997Ken Oxendine122vs. Boston College
    1997Lamont Pegues100vs. UAB
    1997Ken Oxendine147vs. Miami
    1998Lamont Pegues146at Boston College
    1998Lamont Pegues166vs. Temple
    1998Shyrone Stith117vs. Temple
    1998Lamont Pegues127at UAB
    1998Shyrone Stith124vs. Virginia
    1999Shyrone Stith122vs. James Madison
    1999Shyrone Stith124vs. UAB
    1999Shyrone Stith162vs. Clemson
    1999Shyrone Stith113at Virginia
    1999Shyrone Stith140vs. Syracuse
    1999Andre Kendrick162at Pittsburgh
    1999Michael Vick134at Temple
    2000Michael Vick102vs. Akron
    2000Lee Suggs122at East Carolina
    2000Michael Vick104vs. Rutgers
    2000Michael Vick210at Boston College
    2000Lee Suggs145at Boston College
    2000Lee Suggs164vs. Pittsburgh
    2000Lee Suggs121at Miami
    2000Lee Suggs143at UCF
    2000Lee Suggs116vs. Virginia
    2001Keith Burnell102at West Virginia
    2001Keith Burnell111vs. Boston College
    2001Kevin Jones155at Temple
    2001Kevin Jones181at Virginia
    2001Kevin Jones160vs. Miami
    2002Kevin Jones171vs. Marshall
    2002Lee Suggs153vs. Marshall
    2002Kevin Jones144at Boston College
    2002Lee Suggs154at Boston College
    2002Kevin Jones132vs. Rutgers
    2002Lee Suggs197vs. Rutgers
    2002Lee Suggs128vs. Pittsburgh
    2002Bryan Randall125vs. West Virginia
    2002Lee Suggs108vs. Virginia
    2002Bryan Randall132at Miami
    2003Kevin Jones188vs. Texas A&M
    2003Kevin Jones105vs. Connecticut
    2003Kevin Jones118at Rutgers
    2003Kevin Jones131vs. Syracuse
    2003Kevin Jones124vs. Miami
    2003Kevin Jones241at Pittsburgh
    2003Kevin Jones150at Temple
    2003Kevin Jones165vs. Boston College
    2003Kevin Jones153vs. California (Phoenix, Ariz.)
    2004Mike Imoh115vs. West Virginia
    2004Mike Imoh100at Wake Forest
    2004Cedric Humes120vs. Florida A&M
    2004Mike Imoh243at North Carolina
    2004Cedric Humes110at Miami
    2005Branden Ore146vs. Marshall
    2005Marcus Vick133at Maryland
    2005Cedric Humes113at Virginia
    2005Branden Ore115at Virginia
    2005Branden Ore104vs. North Carolina
    2005Cedric Humes134vs. North Carolina
    2005Cedric Humes113vs. Louisville (Jacksonville, FL)
    2006Branden Ore111at North Carolina
    2006Branden Ore170vs. Cincinnati
    2006Branden Ore207vs. Southern Miss
    2006Branden Ore203vs. Clemson
    2007Tyrod Taylor118at Clemson
    2007Branden Ore147at Virginia
    2007Branden Ore116vs. Kansas (Miami Gardens, FL)
    2008Tyrod Taylor112vs. Furman
    2008Tyrod Taylor110at Boston College
    2008Darren Evans253vs. Maryland
    2008Darren Evans111vs. Duke
    2008Tyrod Taylor137vs. Virginia
    2008Darren Evans114vs. Boston College (Tampa, Fla.)
    2008Darren Evans153vs. Cincinnati (Miami Gardens, FL)
    2009Ryan Williams164vs. Marshall
    2009David Wilson165vs. Marshall
    2009Ryan Williams107vs. Nebraska
    2009Ryan Williams150vs. Miami
    2009Ryan Williams159vs. Boston College
    2009Ryan Williams100at Georgia Tech
    2009Ryan Williams179at East Carolina
    2009Ryan Williams126at Maryland
    2009Ryan Williams120vs. NC State
    2009Ryan Williams183at Virginia
    2009Ryan Williams117vs. Tennessee (Atlanta, GA)
    2010Darren Evans160at NC State
    2010Tyrod Taylor121at NC State
    2010Tyrod Taylor127vs. Central Michigan
    2010David Wilson105vs. Wake Forest
    2010Ryan Williams142at Miami
    2011David Wilson162vs. Appalachian State
    2011David Wilson137at East Carolina
    2011David Wilson132at Marshall
    2011David Wilson123vs. Clemson
    2011David Wilson128vs. Miami
    2011David Wilson136at Wake Forest
    2011David Wilson134vs. Boston College
    2011David Wilson148at Duke
    2011David Wilson175at Georgia Tech
    2011David Wilson153at Virginia
    2012J.C. Coleman183vs. Duke
    2012Logan Thomas124at Miami
    2013Trey Edmunds132vs. Alabama (Atlanta, Georgia)
    2013Trey Edmunds110vs. Marshall
    2013Logan Thomas101vs. Duke
    200-Yard Passers
    1987Erik Chapman214vs. Syracuse
    1988Will Furrer292vs. Virginia
    1989Will Furrer211vs. Akron
    1989Will Furrer212at South Carolina
    1990Will Furrer237at East Carolina
    1990Will Furrer210vs. West Virginia
    1990Will Furrer247vs. Southern Miss
    1990Will Furrer209vs. NC State
    1990Will Furrer230at Georgia Tech
    1990Will Furrer254vs. Virginia
    1991Will Furrer227vs. James Madison
    1991Will Furrer268at Oklahoma
    1992Maurice DeShazo266vs. Virginia
    1993Maurice DeShazo214vs. Bowling Green
    1993Maurice DeShazo256vs. Maryland
    1993Maurice DeShazo267vs. Rutgers
    1994Maurice DeShazo209vs. Arkansas State
    1994Maurice DeShazo230at Southern Miss
    1994Maurice DeShazo290at Syracuse
    1994Maurice DeShazo235vs. Virginia
    1995Jim Druckenmiller296vs. Boston College
    1995Jim Druckenmiller235at Rutgers
    1995Jim Druckenmiller224vs. Syracuse
    1995Jim Druckenmiller244vs. Temple (Washington, D.C.)
    1995Jim Druckenmiller230at Virginia
    1995Jim Druckenmiller266vs. Texas (New Orleans, La.)
    1996Jim Druckenmiller229at Boston College
    1996Jim Druckenmiller282vs. Rutgers
    1996Jim Druckenmiller268vs. East Carolina
    1996Jim Druckenmiller202at Miami
    1996Jim Druckenmiller238vs. West Virginia
    1996Jim Druckenmiller214at Nebraska
    1998Al Clark251vs. Rutgers
    1999Michael Vick222at Virginia
    1999Michael Vick248at Rutgers
    1999Michael Vick255at West Virginia
    1999Michael Vick290vs. Boston College
    1999Michael Vick225vs. Florida State (New Orleans)
    2000Michael Vick233vs. West Virginia
    2000Dave Meyer225at Miami
    2000Michael Vick202vs. Virginia
    2000Michael Vick205vs. Clemson (Jacksonville, FL)
    2001Grant Noel267vs. Connecticut
    2001Grant Noel225vs. Boston College
    2001Grant Noel269vs. Florida State (Jacksonville, Fla.)
    2003Bryan Randall278vs. UCF
    2003Bryan Randall250at Rutgers
    2003Bryan Randall214at Virginia
    2004Bryan Randall253vs. Western Michigan
    2004Bryan Randall200vs. Virginia
    2004Bryan Randall299vs. Auburn (New Orleans, La.)
    2005Marcus Vick200vs. Ohio
    2005Marcus Vick223vs. Georgia Tech
    2005Marcus Vick211at Maryland
    2005Marcus Vick280vs. Boston College
    2005Marcus Vick203vs. Louisville (Jacksonville, FL)
    2006Sean Glennon222vs. Northeastern
    2006Sean Glennon252at Wake Forest
    2007Sean Glennon245vs. East Carolina
    2007Tyrod Taylor287vs. Ohio
    2007Sean Glennon258at Duke
    2007Sean Glennon296at Georgia Tech
    2007Tyrod Taylor204vs. Florida State
    2007Sean Glennon260at Virginia
    2009Tyrod Taylor268at Maryland
    2009Tyrod Taylor209vs. Tennessee (Atlanta, GA)
    2010Tyrod Taylor237at Boston College
    2010Tyrod Taylor292vs. Wake Forest
    2010Tyrod Taylor280vs. Duke
    2010Tyrod Taylor249at North Carolina
    2010Tyrod Taylor263vs. Florida State (Charlotte, NC)
    2010Tyrod Taylor222vs. Stanford (Miami Gardens, FL)
    2011Logan Thomas292vs. Arkansas State
    2011Logan Thomas229at Marshall
    2011Logan Thomas280at Wake Forest
    2011Logan Thomas268vs. Boston College
    2011Logan Thomas209at Georgia Tech
    2011Logan Thomas274vs. Clemson (Charlotte, NC)
    2011Logan Thomas214vs. Michigan (New Orleans, La.)
    2012Logan Thomas230vs. Georgia Tech
    2012Logan Thomas212vs. Austin Peay
    2012Logan Thomas265at Pittsburgh
    2012Logan Thomas242vs. Cincinnati (Landover, Md.)
    2012Logan Thomas256vs. Duke
    2012Logan Thomas207at Clemson
    2012Logan Thomas298vs. Florida State
    2012Logan Thomas247at Boston College
    2013Logan Thomas200vs. Western Carolina
    2013Logan Thomas258at East Carolina
    2013Logan Thomas221at Georgia Tech
    2013Logan Thomas293vs. North Carolina
    2013Logan Thomas239vs. Pittsburgh
    2013Logan Thomas214vs. Duke
    2013Logan Thomas210vs. Maryland
    2013Logan Thomas229at Virginia

    300-Yard+ Passers
    1991Will Furrer317vs. Florida State (Orlando, Fl.)
    1992Maurice DeShazo302at Rutgers
    1993Maurice DeShazo325vs. Temple
    1995Jim Druckenmiller312at Pittsburgh
    2002Bryan Randall504at Syracuse
    2003Bryan Randall398vs. California (Phoenix, Ariz.)
    2004Bryan Randall304at Georgia Tech
    2005Marcus Vick335vs. Florida State (Jacksonville, Fla.)
    2006Sean Glennon301vs. Duke
    2006Sean Glennon339vs. Georgia Tech
    2009Tyrod Taylor327at Duke
    2011Logan Thomas310vs. Miami
    2012Logan Thomas354at North Carolina
    2013Logan Thomas391at Boston College
    2013Logan Thomas366at Miami

    100-Yard+ Receptions
    1988Myron Richardson129vs. Virginia
    1990Nick Cullen170vs. Southern Miss
    1990Marcus Mickel103at Georgia Tech
    1992Antonio Freeman135vs. James Madison
    1992Antonio Freeman157at Rutgers
    1993Antonio Freeman122vs. Maryland
    1993Steve Sanders106at West Virginia
    1993Antonio Freeman194vs. Temple
    1994Antonio Freeman124at Syracuse
    1995Bryan Still105vs. Boston College
    1995Bryan Still139at Pittsburgh
    1995Bryan Still125at Virginia
    1995Bryan Still119vs. Texas (New Orleans, La.)
    1996Cornelius White103at Boston College
    1998Ricky Hall123vs. Rutgers
    1998Ricky Hall107vs. Virginia
    1999Andre Davis110at Virginia
    1999Andre Davis157at Rutgers
    1999Andre Davis138at West Virginia
    1999Andre Davis121at Temple
    1999Andre Davis172vs. Boston College
    1999Andre Davis108vs. Florida State (New Orleans)
    2000Andre Davis127vs. West Virginia
    2001Andre Davis112vs. Boston College
    2001Andre Davis126at Virginia
    2001Andre Davis158vs. Florida State (Jacksonville, Fla.)
    2002Keith Willis113at Syracuse
    2002Ernest Wilford279at Syracuse
    2003Ernest Wilford101at Pittsburgh
    2003Ernest Wilford110vs. California (Phoenix, Ariz.)
    2004Josh Morgan126vs. Auburn (New Orleans, La.)
    2005Josh Morgan128vs. Florida State (Jacksonville, Fla.)
    2006David Clowney120vs. Duke
    2006Justin Harper109vs. Georgia Tech
    2006Eddie Royal102vs. Georgia Tech
    2007Josh Morgan119vs. Ohio
    2007Josh Morgan103at Georgia Tech
    2007Justin Harper167vs. Florida State
    2007Eddie Royal147at Virginia
    2009Jarrett Boykin144at Duke
    2009Jarrett Boykin118at Maryland
    2009Jarrett Boykin164vs. NC State
    2009Danny Coale135at Virginia
    2009Jarrett Boykin120vs. Tennessee (Atlanta, GA)
    2010Jarrett Boykin102vs. Boise State (Landover, Md.)
    2010Jarrett Boykin118vs. East Carolina
    2010Jarrett Boykin117vs. Central Michigan
    2010Danny Coale103vs. Wake Forest
    2010Dyrell Roberts134vs. Wake Forest
    2010Danny Coale143vs. Florida State (Charlotte, NC)
    2011Marcus Davis140vs. Appalachian State
    2011Danny Coale128vs. Arkansas State
    2011Danny Coale107at Marshall
    2011Jarrett Boykin120vs. Miami
    2011Jarrett Boykin149at Wake Forest
    2011Danny Coale118vs. Boston College
    2011Jarrett Boykin106vs. North Carolina
    2011Marcus Davis119at Virginia
    2011D.J. Coles116vs. Clemson (Charlotte, NC)
    2011Danny Coale117vs. Michigan (New Orleans, La.)
    2012Marcus Davis129at Pittsburgh
    2012Marcus Davis101vs. Cincinnati (Landover, Md.)
    2012Corey Fuller143at North Carolina
    2012Marcus Davis144vs. Duke
    2012Corey Fuller124vs. Florida State
    2012Marcus Davis104at Boston College
    2013Willie Byrn123vs. North Carolina
    2013Joshua Stanford171at Boston College
    2013Willie Byrn105at Miami
    2013Joshua Stanford107at Miami
    2013Demitri Knowles101at Virginia
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