The Commonwealth Cup

    The winner of the annual gridiron clash between Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia earns more than bragging rights in the state. In recent years, the winning team has also taken home the Commonwealth Cup. The Cup, now residing in Blacksburg, was created in 1996 by the universities to remain in the possession of the winner of the in-state rivalry each year.

    The Commonwealth Cup, made of marble and cherry wood, is four feet high and weighs more than 100 pounds. The top of the Cup is silver-plated with the names of the two schools. The scores of all 88 games in the Tech-Virginia rivalry are engraved on the sides. A map of the Commonwealth of Virginia with Blacksburg and Charlottesville marked with stars has been etched on the front of the trophy, which was produced by Josten's.

    Virginia Tech gained possession of the Cup first by defeating arch-rival Virginia, 26-9, at Lane Stadium/Worsham Field in 1996. The Cavaliers won it back in '97 with a 34-20 victory in Charlottesville, and retained it in 1998 with a 36-32 win, before turning it over to the Hokies following Tech's win in 1999. The Hokies retained possession of the Commonwealth Cup for four straight years until losing at UVa in 2003. In 2004, Tech brought the cup back to Blacksburg with a 24-10 win at home.

    DateVT RankOpponentOutcomeTVLocation
    Oct. 5, 1895at VirginiaL, 0-38Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 31, 1896at VirginiaL, 0-44Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 11, 1899at VirginiaL, 0-28Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 14, 1900at VirginiaL, 5-17Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 26, 1901VirginiaL, 0-16Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 15, 1902at VirginiaL, 0-6Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 24, 1903vs. VirginiaL, 0-21Richmond, Va.
    Nov. 5, 1904vs. VirginiaL, 0-5Richmond, Va.
    Nov. 4, 1905at VirginiaW, 11-0Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 17, 1923at Virginia *W, 6-3Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 15, 1924Virginia *L, 0-6Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 14, 1925at Virginia *L, 0-10Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 23, 1926Virginia *W, 6-0Blacksburg, Va.
    Oct. 22, 1927at Virginia *L, 0-7Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 10, 1928Virginia *W, 20-0Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 9, 1929at Virginia *W, 32-12Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 8, 1930Virginia *W, 34-13Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 14, 1931at Virginia *T, 0-0Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 12, 1932Virginia *W, 13-0Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 18, 1933at Virginia *T, 6-6Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 17, 1934Virginia *W, 19-6Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 16, 1935at Virginia *T, 0-0Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 14, 1936Virginia *W, 7-6Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 13, 1937at VirginiaW, 14-7Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 15, 1938VirginiaL, 6-14Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 18, 1939at VirginiaW, 13-0Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 2, 1940vs. VirginiaW, 6-0Norfolk, Va.
    Nov. 1, 1941vs. VirginiaL, 0-34Norfolk, Va.
    Oct. 31, 1942vs. VirginiaW, 20-14Norfolk, Va.
    Oct. 27, 1945vs. VirginiaL, 13-31Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 5, 1946vs. VirginiaT, 21-21Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 4, 1947vs. VirginiaL, 7-41Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 2, 1948vs. VirginiaL, 0-28Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 8, 1949vs. VirginiaL, 0-26Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 7, 1950vs. VirginiaL, 6-45Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 6, 1951vs. VirginiaL, 0-33Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 4, 1952vs. #16 VirginiaL, 0-42Roanoke, Va.
    Sep. 26, 1953at VirginiaW, 20-6Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 23, 1954#14vs. VirginiaW, 6-0Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 22, 1955vs. VirginiaW, 17-13Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 27, 1956#16vs. VirginiaW, 14-7Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 19, 1957vs. VirginiaL, 7-38Richmond, Va.
    Oct. 11, 1958vs. VirginiaW, 22-13Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 17, 1959vs. VirginiaW, 40-14Richmond, Va.
    Oct. 22, 1960vs. VirginiaW, 40-6Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 21, 1961vs. VirginiaW, 20-0Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 6, 1962vs. VirginiaW, 20-15Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 5, 1963vs. VirginiaW, 10-0Roanoke, Va.
    Oct. 3, 1964at VirginiaL, 17-20Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 23, 1965Virginia
    W, 22-14Blacksburg, Va.
    Oct. 22, 1966at VirginiaW, 24-7Charlottesville, Va.
    Sep. 12, 1970VirginiaL, 0-7Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 6, 1971at VirginiaW, 6-0Charlottesville, Va.
    Sep. 16, 1972at VirginiaL, 20-24Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 20, 1973VirginiaW, 27-15Blacksburg, Va.
    Oct. 19, 1974at VirginiaL, 27-28Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 18, 1975VirginiaW, 24-17Blacksburg, Va.
    Oct. 16, 1976at VirginiaW, 14-10Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 15, 1977VirginiaT, 14-14Blacksburg, Va.
    Oct. 21, 1978at VirginiaL, 7-17Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 10, 1979at VirginiaL, 18-20Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 18, 1980VirginiaW, 30-0Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 28, 1981at VirginiaW, 20-3Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 25, 1982VirginiaW, 21-14WTBS (cable)Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 19, 1983at VirginiaW, 48-0Charlottesville, Va.
    Sep. 29, 1984VirginiaL, 23-26Blacksburg, Va.
    Oct. 19, 1985at VirginiaW, 28-10Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 25, 1986VirginiaW, 42-10Blacksburg, Va.
    Sep. 19, 1987at VirginiaL, 13-14Charlottesville, Va.
    Oct. 29, 1988VirginiaL, 10-16Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 11, 1989at #18 VirginiaL, 25-32Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 24, 1990#17 VirginiaW, 38-13ESPN (national)Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 23, 1991at #20 VirginiaL, 0-38Jefferson-Pilot (regional)Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 21, 1992VirginiaL, 38-41Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 20, 1993#25at #23 VirginiaW, 20-17Jefferson-Pilot (regional)Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 19, 1994#14#16 VirginiaL, 23-42BIG EAST Network (regional)Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 18, 1995#20at #13 VirginiaW, 36-29ABC (regional)Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 29, 1996#17#20 VirginiaW, 26-9CBS (national)Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 29, 1997at VirginiaL, 20-34ESPN (national)Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 28, 1998#20#16 VirginiaL, 32-36ESPN (national)Blacksburg, Va.
    Oct. 2, 1999#8at #24 VirginiaW, 31-7ESPN2 (national)Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 25, 2000#6VirginiaW, 42-21ESPN (national)Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 17, 2001#18at VirginiaW, 31-17ESPN (national)Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 30, 2002#22Virginia
    (Maroon Effect)
    W, 21-9ESPN (national)Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 29, 2003#21at VirginiaL, 21-35ABC (regional)Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 27, 2004#11#16 Virginia *W, 24-10ABC (regional)Blacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 19, 2005#7at Virginia *W, 52-14ESPN (national)Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 25, 2006#17Virginia *W, 17-0LFS/RaycomBlacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 24, 2007#8at #16 Virginia *W, 33-21ESPN2Charlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 29, 2008Virginia *W, 17-14ESPNBlacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 28, 2009#14at Virginia *W, 42-13ABCCharlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 27, 2010#13Virginia *W, 37-7ACC NetworkBlacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 26, 2011#6at #24 Virginia *W, 38-0ABCCharlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 24, 2012Virginia *W, 17-14ESPNUBlacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 30, 2013at Virginia *W, 16-6ESPNUCharlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 28, 2014Virginia *W, 24-20ESPNBlacksburg, Va.
    Nov. 28, 2015at Virginia *W, 23-20ESPNUCharlottesville, Va.
    Nov. 26, 2016Virginia *TBABlacksburg, Va.
    Overall Record: 55-37-5
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